Noisy Air Conditioner? Troubleshooting Tips to Fix It
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A noisy air conditioner is not only stressful, but it’s also annoying. The constant noise serves as a constant reminder that something is wrong with your ac unit. Luckily, this is a common ac problem that can be fixed - if you have the right tools and expertise.

We always recommend calling an AC maintenance and repair company to do the work to avoid any further damage, injury, or prolonged issues. However, if you are comfortable doing some of your own repairs, you can also utilize suggestions on how to quiet a noisy air conditioner. Before we get into troubleshooting advice, though, if your exterior condenser unit is the issue, you have a few options that may not directly involve AC repair.

3 Possible Solutions For A Loud Condenser Unit

If the problem is your condenser unit on the outside of your house, these three options are easy-to-implement ways you can curb noise:

ways to fix a noisy air conditioner

Top Questions To Ask Yourself About Air Conditioner Noise

Beyond potential issues with the compressor in the condenser, these questions about specific components and the nature of the sound should help lead you to troublesome parts:

Is it the fan or blower wheel?

Often when you hear a strange noise from your AC, the issue is the fan. The fan sucks in air via the filter, sends it across the evaporator coils to cool it, and sends it back into the house. The motor shaft also has an additional fan at the back to cool the condenser coils. An unusual sound could be due to accrual of debris on a fan blade; it could also mean the blade has become damaged.

  1. Take off the cover.
  2. Change the positioning if it appears that the fan might be obstructed by anything (such as insulation or the cabinet). Clear out any dirt or other objects that may be obstructing the fan.
  3. Check that the fan blades are tight and in good working order. Tighten them if needed. Make replacements if you see that blades are warped.
  4. Some AC models optimize efficiency by propelling drain water or condensate using the condenser fan blade. Unfortunately, this design may lead to noise if the fan blade impacts water that has collected at the base of the unit. Remove the water and try positioning the machine at an angle.

Is it the fan motor?

Your motor may age ahead of its time if the fan blades start to operate improperly – and that poor operation often is due to buildup of dirt or other debris. You also may end up with a spectrum of air conditioner noise, from roaring to screeching to squeaking, if motor bushings or bearings start to fail. You will often have to replace your fan motor if it becomes problematic because many manufacturers design them to be unserviceable. While you are looking at the fan motor, make sure that the blades look to be in good condition; replace them as necessary.

Is it a humming sound?

This air conditioner noise often indicates that the following solutions might work:

Is it the fan bearing?

Your excessive sound problem could be a noisy air conditioner blower. This situation can arise when a blower wheel or fan bearing fails in an AC with a blower wheel in a squirrel-cage design (as opposed to the standard design of two fan blades connected to a double-shaft fan motor). Generally, this design attaches the blower to a stationary bearing at one end and the drive motor at the other.

  1. To access the fan assembly, take off the cover.
  2. To make it easier to replace the bearing, disconnect the blower wheel from the motor.

Is it a squealing sound?

Often squealing will mean that your AC has a degraded or misaligned fan belt. Get professional help or replace it yourself immediately so that it does not break.

Is it the spring clamp?

In the standard AC model (described above), often spring clamps are used to connect the double-shaft fan motor to each of the blades. If one of these components fails or becomes weaker, you may get a loud vibrating or wobbling air conditioner noise, since the blade’s hub is no longer properly attached.

  1. Take out the cabinet.
  2. Inspect the clamps and tighten them as necessary.
  3. Also, inspect the fan blade; replace it if it is deteriorated.

Is it a screeching sound?

If you hear this air conditioner noise, you want to turn it off right away. Probably your fan motor bearings are failing. It is time for emergency AC repair.

Your AC Maintenance & Repair Company

Is your air conditioning system making odd, stressful, and/or disconcerting noises? While you can troubleshoot with the above and additional steps, failure to act rapidly could jeopardize the ongoing integrity of your system. Contact Easy AC, a trusted AC maintenance and repair company. We offer 24 hour AC repair services throughout the Tampa Bay area with upfront pricing and quick response. Call now! 813-COLDAIR

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