4 Ways to Prep Your AC for Spring
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4 Ways to Prep Your AC for Spring

Before you know it the warm Florida Spring weather will be here bringing higher humidity and higher energy bills. You’ll torture your AC to ensure you stay comfortable, but if it’s not running at peak performance chances are you won’t stay comfortable for long. Don’t wait until your AC is on the fritz. Take action now.

Here are some suggestions to help prepare your air conditioner for Florida’s heat.

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How to Prep Your AC for Spring

  1. Do a Walk-Around

    While we don’t deal with the snow and frigid temps like the rest of the country, we do have our share of what “feels cold to us” weather. If it feels cold to us, it also feels cold to the creatures who call our sunny state their home. That’s why it’s important to take a look at your AC.Look for nests that may have been built, twigs and leaves that have blown in, and weeds and grasses that have grown up alongside the unit. All of these things can keep the unit from working at its most efficient.

    Look for any signs of wear on your unit as well such as rust and limescale. Dog urine is particularly destructive when it comes to the condenser coils as well so if you have a dog check the unit for indications that Rover “claimed” your AC.

  2. Get a Tune-Up

    Nothing can give you greater peace of mind that your unit is ready for the long, hard summer than getting a semi-annual AC tune-up. In our 16-point tune-up, the AC technician checks things like the:

    • Refrigerant pressures;
    • Condenser;
    • Outdoor and indoor fan motors (oiling as necessary);
    • Thermostat and system operation;
    • Compressor;
    • Indoor motor amp draw;
    • Blower wheel;
    • Drain pan (cleaning the drain line);
    • Drain pan safety switch;
    • Air handler;
    • Ductwork for contamination and leaks;
    • Indoor cool (surface cleaning it);
    • Electrical wiring indoor and outdoor units; and
    • Safety controls.

    Not only does a tune-up ensure efficiency, routine maintenance can reduce your AC’s energy consumption by up to 15%, an amount you can see and feel on your bill.

  3. Clean Your Filter

    Depending on the type of filter you have, you should be doing this every 1-3 months. Some filters are disposable and some need to be cleaned. A clean filter will ensure your AC unit is running efficiently. A dirty filter inhibits airflow, which places a strain on the unit. If it’s been awhile, use spring cleaning as the perfect time to change the filter.

  4. Check Your Lines

    Take a quick look at the coolant pipes. They’re normally wrapped in insulation that resembles a pool noodle. Take a quick look for cracking or disconnections here. If you see any, contact an AC technician. Sometimes trying to force the fit back on or taping it, can cause more damage if the item is brittle from continued exposure to the sun.

Spring will be here before we know it. If you join our EZ Breezy Club for AC maintenance, you’ll receive priority scheduling throughout the year as well as discounts on all repairs and discounts on new unit purchases.

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