5 Cool Ways to Save on AC Repair in Tampa
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5 Cool Ways to Save on AC Repair in Tampa

How to Save on Air Conditioning Repairs & Routine Maintenance

Sick of expensive ac repairs in Tampa? There’s a better way to maintenance your air conditioner and extend the life of your HVAC unit. By avoiding overworking your unit, keeping up with routine maintenance, and cleaning your ac regularly, you are protecting your air conditioner from major breakdowns in the future.

Avoiding a broken ac with ac repair in Tampa should be your top priority. It’s much more expensive to fix a broken unit than it is to prevent this from happening.

To extend the life of your HVAC system, try the following:

Use Electric Fans to Circulate Air

It’s amazing how much of a difference having your ceiling fans and standing fans on to help circulate cold air throughout your home makes with cooling and your air conditioning budget. Most HVAC systems have ducts that enter rooms from various places, but once the air leaves the vent, it fills the room much quicker with the use of ceiling fans. For this reason, keep your ceiling fans on at all times, or at least when your air conditioner is running to assist with ventilation. If you don’t already have ceiling fans it might be a good idea to invest in a standing fan for larger rooms to create a natural flow with air circulation inside your home.

Semi-Annual Tune-ups & Diagnostics

Extend the life of your HVAC unit with semi-annual check ups. Each time you switch from your air conditioner to your heater and back from your heater to your air conditioner again each spring and winter, start with a semi-annual tune-ups to be certain your unit is in good shape. During a checkup, any ac repairs are uncovered through diagnostics. If there is anything wrong with your unit, it will be caught at this time to avoid damaging your air conditioning unit and causing a major ac breakdown that will cost you much more to fix.

Seasonal Maintenance & Cleaning

Performing seasonal maintenance is recommended by HVAC experts. It’s important to regularly maintenance your unit to catch small problems before they blow up into huge problems that could cause your HVAC unit to completely break and need replacing. Things like a routine spring clean is inevitable, and you should always check your filters on a regular basis for cleaning. Clean your filters as well as your air ducts.

Dirt and dust caught in air ducts and filters cause your unit to overwork.

During a semi-annual check up, it might be necessary to request ductwork cleaning if your unit has been overworking. One way to tell if your unit is overworking is by how often it starts or stops to cool or heat, the amount of airflow coming from the ducts (is it less than normal?), and the cost of your bill (is your energy bill much higher than before?).

Do you need a routine clean or ac repair in Tampa?

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