5 Ways Heavy Rains Can Destroy Your Air Conditioner
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Heavy Rains and Storm in Florida Can Destroy Your Air Conditioner

Monsoon time is almost here. Of course, our monsoons in Florida are deluges that last a quick minute and crank up the temps on our afternoon steam baths. The weather in Florida sure can give your air conditioning unit a workout.

You may not realize these heavy rains, that are so common in the mid-part of our year, can do real damage to your AC. Here’s why and what to look out for.

5 Ways Rain Will Destroy Your AC

  1. Critters Seek Shelter in AC Units

  2. First, it’s not always the water or high winds that cause the damage. Sometimes it’s the creatures trying to avoid those things. If your A/C is dormant during a storm, let’s say you turned it off because the temps dropped as the storm blew in or maybe it’s been off all winter and this is the first storm of the spring season, that quite metal box could be an invitation to tiny critters looking for shelter. If your AC has been off long enough, that animal may actually be living in it. Nesting materials jam moving parts and some animals see your AC wires as an easy snack.

  3. Debris in the Air Conditioner

  4. Strong rains are usually accompanied by their friend--strong winds. Winds carry all sorts of debris that can get lodged in your AC system and damage it. Blustering winds can knock playground equipment and patio furniture against the unit as well. After any intense winds, you should check your unit for branches, leaves, and other objects that may have blown in or against it.

  5. Flooding the AC

  6. Depending on which area you live in around the Tampa Bay, flooding could be the norm for you during the rainy season. Mild flooding of a few inches shouldn’t ruin your AC but standing flood water above 15 inches or so could damage the electrical components in your unit. If you’ve had more than 15 inches of water around your AC, contact an air conditioning technician before turning on the unit for the first time.

  7. Covering Your AC Unit

  8. Some homeowners are tempted to cover the AC unit during the rainy season to avoid getting debris blown in. But with our high humidity what you’re really doing is trapping in moisture which can lead to mold, rust, and rot. Air circulation is vital to your AC’s compressor. In Florida, it’s best to keep your AC uncovered.

  9. Hail and Lightning

  10. Heavy rainstorms sometimes bring hail. Although we don’t see it often in the Sunshine State, it has been known to happen with tornadic activity. Hail can damage the unit.

    Tampa is known unofficially as the lightning capital of the country, and it’s not just because of our awesome hockey team. While it’s unlikely lightning will strike your AC, it is possible that it can strike your house and cause an electrical surge. Power surges often damage your home’s electronics and mechanicals, including your AC. Installing a whole-house power surge protector could keep this from happening.

Are your concerned about the condition of your AC? At Easy A/C, we can have a certified technician out to check your unit quickly and perform an AC inspection. Contact us today and beat the summer rush.

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