Should I Repair or Replace My Leaky AC?
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A Drop in the “Budget:” Should I Repair or Replace My Leaky AC?

A Drop in the "Budget": Should I Repair or Replace My Leaky AC?

If you’re losing your cool over a leaky AC, have no fear: Not all drips indicate a need for a new unit. In some cases, you’re just one repair away from a stress-free solution.

Worried you already have a major meltdown on your hands, or it’s time for more than a tuneup? Check out these tips on what to do when you notice a leak in your AC system.

Know that AC Leaks are a Common Problem

Cool air is essential for Florida homes. For this reason, at the first sign of any AC issue, it’s natural to panic; however, leaks aren’t unusual, and they don’t always signal disaster. In fact, more than half of all house calls for AC maintenance start with a simple leak.

Consider the Source

AC leaks spring for many reasons. The following issues commonly show up in the form of a leak:

Don’t Wait for the Leak to Get Worse

The risk of damage to your AC unit or home depends on the problem, as well as how fast you act. Changing a clogged filter or patching an overflow pan may seem like an easy DIY solution, it isn’t always that simple. A professional is still your best bet for proper diagnosis and repair. A temporary fix can make way for worse problems, leading to costly future repairs or the untimely need for a new unit.

Frequently, homeowners wait to address an AC issue for anxiety over cost; however, an unchecked problem can quickly turn a leak to a torrent. Investing in regular maintenance with our EZ Breezy Club membership is a great way to avoid surprise repair expenses.

Want to learn more about the status of your AC? Contact us to schedule a service call and take advantage of our up-front pricing. Can’t wait? Easy AC offers 24-hour emergency Tampa AC repair when you need it most.

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