What Is The Average Cost of AC Repair?
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how much does it cost to repair an air conditioner

In places like Florida, living in an air-conditioned home is at the top of nearly everyone’s list. To keep temperatures (and for that matter, tempers) in your home from rising, AC repair or even outright replacement of your central air conditioning system is critical before the mercury starts rising.

To prevent warm temperatures from sneaking up on you, have your system inspected and regularly maintained. Air conditioning is important, not just to keep comfortable all season long, but also in preventing serious or life-threatening conditions like heat stroke. To ensure your home doesn’t veer into dangerous territory, having a properly functioning AC system is key.

The Problem with Old AC Units

Does your home have an older air conditioning system or one that may have been self-installed? Most people don’t know the age of their own system, and if yours is more than 10 or even 15 years old, it may be time to consider AC repair.

Maintaining an older, less-efficient air conditioning solution in your home may allow you to save money up front, but your costs over the long haul will be much higher. Whether you want to save money by fixing a broken component or if you want a full air conditioning replacement, consider what outcome fits your needs. If your AC system is broken, functioning poorly, or simply fails to meet your cooling needs, it’s time to act.

AC Performance Symptoms

Do you know why your air conditioning system isn’t performing the way you expect it to? The answer may surprise you. Consider the following problem areas when deciding whether AC repair is what you need:

does your ac need to be repaired?

While no one symptom may point to a definite answer, taking a closer look at your air conditioning system will go a long way towards making the right decision going forward. The primary objective at this point in the repair process is to determine the extent of the repairs you may need. The only way to have a proper estimation of the work to be performed is to have a professional replacement evaluation. Call us now to schedule a visit or feel free to read on.

You may not need to replace your entire system when a straightforward AC repair job will do just fine. In Florida, the average cost of replacing the compressor of an existing AC system is about $2,375.

Consider property size

Smaller homes on average will have smaller-sized air conditioning systems and that will affect the overall AC repair cost. Single story homes will need less power to run than those with multiple stories. Based on your individual situation and status of your warranty, the cost can be as low as $100 - $200 to repair. Depending on whether you need to replace the entire system or not, your costs will vary. Check any warranties or guarantees you may have on the system to see just how much of the cost could be offset.

Larger homes will, naturally, have larger costs associated with AC repair. However, just because the size of the property is different doesn’t mean the logic powering your decisions has to be different as well. To gauge the cost of AC repair, just as you would in a smaller home, first determine whether you need to replace components (such as a compressor) or if you need a full air conditioning replacement. Next, check your records for any warranties and guarantees on parts and labor for your system. You may want to contact your homeowner’s insurance provider and your city and state to see if there are credits which can be paid towards repairs and upgrades.

Factors that affect AC repair costs

what are the costs of an ac repair

By now you’ve figured out that whether you’re in a small or large home, the decision to repair or replace your air conditioning system follows the same logic. What other factors can contribute to the cost of AC repair? Here are a few points to consider when thinking about factors which can affect the end cost of your decisions:

The efficiency of your air conditioning system is a key consideration when determining the cost options. If your system has failed, doesn’t turn on, or fails during operation, you may not have the luxury of AC repair. However, completely replacing your air conditioning system does provide the opportunity to install a newer, more energy-conscious system.

Do the costs of servicing your air conditioning system warrant purchasing a new system outright? If so, it may be time for a total replacement. There’s no shortage of AC replacement companies in Tampa willing to take on your project, but we believe that if you give Easy AC a try, you won't ever call anyone else. We encourage you to give us a call and ask questions about the cost of air conditioning repair and replacement.

The cost range for repairs and replacement at the low end start at $100 to $200. At the high end, $400 to $600 that covers issues like coolant, replacement parts, and labor. This cost range is typical for AC repair in the state of Florida.

When the cost soars to around $2,000, the issues are typically more severe than a failing compressor or fan motor. When it comes time to replace these essential components, the cost of AC repair and the costs of a total replacement begin to compete with one another.

Get an inspection

There are a variety of factors that can impact AC repair costs, but choosing the option for you is easier with a trustworthy local installer like Easy AC. In the hottest days of a Tampa summer, there is nothing better than relaxing in a cool, air-conditioned home.

Before your system goes on the fritz, consult an Easy AC professional and have your system inspected before problems get worse. Depending on your situation, AC repair may be just the ticket to cooler temperatures all summer long.

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