Most Popular Air Conditioning Myths
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AC Myths You Should Know

If you are a professional working in the air conditioning service Tampa market, you are likely able to dispel a number of myths regarding heating and cooling units on a daily basis. If you are a homeowner, the facts below should prove to be very helpful. Read onward to discover whether your preconceived notions are in fact...fact.

Myth #1: The bigger the air conditioning unit, the better it will cool my home. This premise is totally false.

If your system is too large for your home, it will simply cost more to operate than one that’s the correct size. Some reasons for this include excessive energy usage and an unnecessary number of times the unit will "kick" on and off.

Myth #2: All air conditioners are pretty much the same.

Thanks to technology-forward companies like Carrier and Trane, this statement will never be correct. Air conditioning service Tampa veterans continue to see AC technology evolve. For example, Freon was once a standard refrigerant, and it is fast being replaced by environmentally friendly alternatives like Puron. The future holds higher SEER ratings, solar-powered panels, and more.

Myth #3: If I turn off my air conditioning unit completely while I'm at work, I'll save a lot of money.

This statement is half true. The air conditioner will need to work harder when you arrive home to achieve your desired temperature, and you may be a bit uncomfortable in the meantime. However, increase the temperature setting before you leave or purchase a programmable thermostat to do the job for you and you will be able to make the air easy and breezy sooner.

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