Not Fixing These 3 Small Problems Could Kill Your AC
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Blast From the Past: Not Fixing These 3 Small Problems Could Kill Your AC’s Future Cool

A clink here, a clank there: AC problems are easy to ignore. That is, until the day you come home to a thunderstorm of gear-grinding motor wear. Failing to fix slight AC issues at their beginning is like wearing a raincoat with holes – eventually the storm will find a way in.

Enjoying your AC’s cold front? Then don’t ignore the need for repair. We’ve got a forecast for your AC’s future that could get cloudy – and complicated – if you don’t resolve these small snags when they start.

1. Clangs and Jangles

While it may sound like your AC is performing a ragtag dance number, these jingles may point to something more serious. If you hear the clanging of metal on metal, it’s probably more than a temporary “tap dance” – your AC is gearing up for a grand finale.

2. Drips and Drops

Remember the holes in the raincoat analogy? Well, there’s no greater way to unleash a “storm” than to let a liquid trickle turn into a flood. If you hear a dripping sound or notice visible signs of a leak, it’s time to act fast.

3. Squeaks and Shrieks

No, that’s (hopefully) not a mouse in your AC unit. That mechanical screeching signals a plague of a different sort. If you hear squeaks or shrieks, you may be overdue for AC maintenance.

Staying up-to-date on regular AC maintenance is key to a cool breeze. Do you procrastinate when it comes to problems? Check out our EZ Breezy Club, and contact Easy AC today for more information on our low-cost AC tune-ups and Tampa AC repair.

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