Broken AC an Instant Nightmare? Not with 24 Hour AC Repair
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Broken AC an Instant Nightmare? Not with 24 Hour AC Repair

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We enjoy fantastic weather in Florida with ample sun and blue skies. But the scorching sun and warm temperatures are the exact things that make a few hours without air conditioning unbearably hot.

A few days without AC is every Floridians worst nightmare. Fear the loss of your AC no longer. With 24 hour AC repair you know your air conditioning will be back on in no time, but not all services are the same.

Knowing a Bad 24-Hour Guarantee from a Good One

A lot of AC repair companies in Tampa offer 24-hour promises but they’re not all the same. Here are the things you want to look for.

An on-call technician. Anyone can tell you they offer 24 hour ac repair, but if they don’t have people answering the phones 24-hours a day, it’s not a good offer. Sure someone can come out in the middle of the night but if you can’t get a hold of that person to make this request, you won’t be seeing them.

Service with tools. Often it’s junior people on the graveyard shift who may not have the tools or expertise to get your system fixed. If you’re having someone come out at 1 in the morning, make sure they’re going to be able to handle the fix from a technical standpoint and that they’ll have the tools to get the job done. Coming out just to diagnose then offer to come back a day or two later doesn’t help you.

Understand the Fees. It’s not unusual for there to be an emergency service fee or an upcharge for evening or weekend service. Make sure you understand all of the charges associated with emergency service before the technician arrives.

Know Where They’re Coming From. A lot of AC companies tack on transportation fees so it’s important to ask where they are coming from. It will also help you understand how far away they are and when you can expect them. Some companies cover very large ranges and have only 1-2 technicians working the areas overnight.

Give Them Information. You can help your technician be more efficient by explaining the history of the unit and the details behind it not working. Often these details will help the tech diagnose the problem prior to getting there. This is important because it ensures the right tools and parts are brought to handle the situation at hand.

Understand Capacity. Even though a company offers 24 hour ac repair that doesn’t mean they can provide it (in the height of summer they’re going to be busy, and you may be very low on a priority list). Some companies have special lists they keep of preferred customers. Make sure you’re on that list by establishing a relationship with them early on or signing up for service. At Easy A/C, members of our EZ Breezy Club are guaranteed priority service.

If your AC goes out unexpectedly, you need someone you can count on who won’t gouge you or overcharge you in an emergency. You need someone who is competent, easy to get a hold of, and responsive.

Contact Easy A/C today. We’ll service your unit quickly and make you comfortable. We’re comfort made easy.

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