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Easy AC DIY Repair Servicing your AC system yourself can be rewarding and cost-effective. Those with a Do-It-Yourself orientation can maintain many aspects of a home AC system, saving the $100-200 cost of a professional technician. Most jobs such as replacing a thermostat are simple with the help of the proper guidelines. Regular cleaning and maintenance are important, and the best time for DIY maintenance on your central AC system is before it’s actually needed.

For safety sake, before performing any DIY maintenance on your AC system, shut off all electrical power to the unit.

Most home central AC systems are divided into interior and exterior components, depending on whether they are located inside or outside your house. Cleaning the outdoor compressor and coil assembly is a good place to begin. Remove the unit’s housing to gain access to the condenser coil and use coil cleaner, water, and a delicate brush to clean the heat-exchanging coils. You’ll do this same process again later inside for the evaporator. This is also a good time to put a couple drops of oil on any moving parts of the electric fan that need lubrication.

While inside, check the furnace filter to see if it’s dirty and needs replacement. A vacuum-type cleaner can also be useful to clean the evaporator fins. Also use a dry vacuum to suck out any dirt, mold or sludge from the condensation tube. Finally, replace the drain cap if necessary.

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