AC Replacement: How Much Does A New AC Unit Cost?
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The Costs Associated with Replacing Your AC Unit

how much does replacing an air conditioner cost

Air conditioners make life livable. They perform the miraculous feat of circulating cool air in your home through a centralized system to create and maintain the optimal environment for our families. In Florida, the importance of having a properly-cooled home is not just a luxury, but a critical aspect of creating a standard of living. Tampa summers can be severe with temperatures frequently in the 90s. Due to soaring temperatures in the summer, having a functioning air conditioner is considered a necessity. Even during the milder months of the year, life without air conditioning can become unbearable and even dangerous to your health. You might need air conditioning replacement if you’re living uncomfortably.

Your reasons for deciding to purchase a new air conditioner for your home are likely based on one thing – you appreciate a home that’s cool and comfortable. Deciding to replace your AC unit is just the first step. Now you need to be sure you understand the essential information, so you have everything you need to make an informed decision. Shopping the market for air conditioning replacement can be a daunting task, and with costs being variable, it’s hard for property owners to estimate just how much they need to spend to get the right HVAC system installed.

Choosing a reputable Tampa AC replacement company for your servicing and installation needs is important. Easy AC employs trained, highly-experienced technicians. From base systems to top-of-the-line technology, our technicians know it all inside and out. Easy AC combines skill and professionalism with a steady commitment to doing business with integrity.

Troubleshoot Before You Buy

Are you seeing signs that you’re due for air conditioning replacement? Usually, the first people to notice that something may be wrong are the ones who remain in the home during the hottest part of the day. Sometimes our first signs are reported by family members who must wait for the house to cool down while you’re away. Feeling that your air conditioning system is having trouble keeping up with the rising temperature prompts most people to seek the help of a professional AC replacement service.

Review the following checklist to see if you’re suffering from an improperly-functioning air conditioning system.

When the system is running, the force of the air seems weak.

The air conditioning system does not activate even when a threshold temperature is reached.

Your home does not cool quickly when you operate your air conditioning system on a schedule.

Your electricity bills are higher than those of your neighbors with similarly sized homes and systems.

Easy AC professionals know that before you replace your AC system it’s imperative to troubleshoot the unit first. A few adjustments and AC repairs can go a long way towards getting the most out of your air conditioning system’s lifespan. You may need to call one of our AC replacement technicians to perform an inspection of your home’s ventilation system and air conditioning unit.

Here are several areas to consider when troubleshooting your air conditioning system. Keep in mind you may not be able to personally check each area listed. Always maintain safe practices if accessing the attic.

Is the ducting in the home’s air conditioning system thermally insulated according to ordinance?

Is the ducting in your home professionally installed and maintained or did you install the ductwork yourself?

Is the insulation in your home enough to protect against heat waves?

Are air returns spaced throughout your home?

Are air vents distributed to each room in the house?

Are the air filters missing or clogged?

Is the thermostat that controls the air conditioner functioning properly?

Do you need to replace your ducts? Vent and return placement are part of the design and can mean the difference between feeling comfortable and feeling frustrated that parts of your home are cool but not others. One of the hidden areas that may affect the total cost of your air conditioning replacement may have to do with components other than the system itself. The only way to have a proper estimation of the work to be performed is to have a professional Easy AC replacement evaluation. Call us now to schedule a visit or feel free to read on.

The Costs of Air Conditioner Replacement

what are the costs of replacing an ac unit

Determining how much an AC system will cost to replace depends on the variability of features, brands, and associated work that must be performed to bring your new system into full operation. Consider these major cost areas to estimate the true cost of replacing your air conditioner:

While only a professional like an Easy AC technician can accurately estimate the costs associated with air conditioner replacement for your home, be aware of the types of costs you should expect. Systems large and small can come with or without certain features depending on the specific layout of the property.

So, how do you know what size system you need? First, air conditioning systems have their capacity measured in tons. Many Florida homes require systems that have a capacity of 3 to 5 tons. Ask an Easy AC technician about sizing your system during your onsite evaluation.

Understanding What You Need

In Florida, the median price for a residential air conditioning system is about $4,000 to $8,000, but the cost associated with replacing your central air conditioner could be even higher depending on your situation and circumstances.

An air conditioning system must be designed to suit the specific home for installation. There is no one size fits all approach to air conditioners, and this is the perfect time to truly evaluate your home’s air conditioning needs. This is the only way to ensure that you have a system that operates at optimal capacity for the size of your home. Since an air conditioning replacement must be tailored for your home, solutions like window units will only cause problems.

Window AC units might seem like a quick fix, but issues like air leaks, small coverage area, and inefficiency make this option shortsighted. To prevent problems like too much heat or large utility bills, Easy AC recommends you purchase and install a system that’s sized appropriately for your needs. An extra-large air conditioning system does not mean cooler temperatures, but it may mean higher costs.

The costs associated with air conditioner replacement depend on size, brand, and features included. Efficiency is better than power. A large system doesn’t mean more cooling power. Upgrading your air conditioning system can mean huge savings over the long run, and with an appropriately-sized system, you’ll benefit from today’s energy-efficient cooling solutions.

The Benefits of Air Conditioner Replacement

Before you make the decision to replace your air conditioning system, consider some of the benefits of a new system. If your air conditioner is older or if it wasn’t installed by professional, there may be unexpected savings with a replacement.

Today’s air conditioning systems are vastly more efficient than their predecessors. With new, energy-efficient guidelines, the demand for efficiency-focused air conditioners is stronger than ever. Variable speed systems offer additional efficiency by operating at lower thresholds when needs are light and ramping up when more power is needed.

Are you paying too much for electricity? If you have an older system or even a newer model that is improperly-sized for your home, then you may be falling into the trap of rising costs of electricity. In this scenario, the added energy usage from old, inefficient systems pushes a home above the pricing tier and into a higher, costlier one. Now you’re paying more money for the same electricity due to your higher consumption. It’s a vicious cycle that benefits the utility companies while you pay premium electricity rates.

In today’s world, resource hungry communities are finding ways to be smarter and leaner when it comes to the costs of electricity. When you run an efficient air conditioning system, you not only help your own financial needs but also those of your local Tampa community. When people trade in old systems for newer models, the demand on local resources like electricity becomes more manageable.

Choosing the Right AC Installer

One of the biggest factors affecting the total cost of air conditioning replacement is choosing the right installer. Easy AC has been keeping customers cool in the Tampa Bay heat for the last 13 years. There’s no shortage of AC replacement companies in Tampa willing to take on your project, but we believe that if you give Easy AC a try, you won't ever call the other guys again. We encourage you to give us a call and ask questions about the cost of air conditioning replacement. Rest assured you haven’t left anything up to chance.

Total cost

New thermostat

Regular maintenance

Supported brands

Work performed

Timeline for air conditioning replacement

Deciding to upgrade and replace the AC unit in your home is a major decision. One that requires forethought and planning. At Easy AC, we’re committed to quick, professional, affordable service, providing AC replacement services throughout the Tampa Bay area.

The benefits of a new, efficient system far outweigh the cost of keeping an old, poorly-functioning air conditioner. With the information in this article and your new understanding of the costs of air conditioning replacement, you’re ready to make an informed choice to upgrade the quality of the environment in your home, all year long. It’s comfort made easy.

Savings and Financing Options for Your New AC

financing options for a new ac unit

We understand budgeting for a new AC system can be difficult. That’s why we offer savings and financing options to our customers to keep them comfortable year-round. Contact us today to find out more about our special offers and how Easy AC can help you.

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