How to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System
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Why AC Refrigerant Leaks are Dangerous and Should be Prevented

Your air conditioner should last at least 10 to 15 years. Is your air conditioner starting to sound worn out before the first decade? Then it could be a number of things.

Some of the most common causes of HVAC breakdowns are dirt and dust buildup!

Sadly, one of the biggest causes of broken air conditioner systems is a matter of cleanliness. It’s easy to forget to change the filter — out of sight out of mind right? But your lungs and wallet will both thank you when you take a moment to clean the filter every couple months.

In fact, you can save a percentage of your energy bill each month simply by keeping your HVAC system clear of any dust, debris, and buildup.

Seasonal Maintenance (Twice a Year)

Your semi-annual ac maintenance package should include a quick inspection of the condenser and evaporator coils, and should also include a quick inspection of the compressor and a refrigerant charge (if necessary). It’s a misconception that refrigerants need to be regularly charged, so if your freon needs charged, it’s likely leaking. Stopping freon leaks is important, as air conditioning refrigerants are toxic and can have dangerous respiratory side effects if not handled properly.

AC Repairs (If Needed)

If there’s an issue with your thermostat or your air conditioner is not outputting at the right temperature or with the correct amount of air, then you may be in need of ac repair. There’s no easy way to figure out what’s wrong with your air conditioning unit when it’s acting up, so the best way to assure you’re performing the right repairs when needed is to have an expert technician come out and take a look. It’s not a good idea to wait if you know there is something wrong with your unit when in need of repair. Since your unit is always working in the hot weather along the bay, a small fix can turn into a huge expense if you don’t take care of Tampa ac repairs in a timely manner.

Regular Cleaning

Who knew that simply cleaning your air conditioner could make all the difference? For the most part, premature failure of air conditioners is the product of dirt. That’s right. Dust, dirt, buildup and blockage is what backs up your ac unit to the point that it can no longer operate at full capacity. This not only adds to your energy bill, it can be easily prevented if you take the time to address the issue. It’s important to not only clean your air filters but to also check the air ducts for blockages and clear any debris from the coils of your HVAC unit.

There may be a possibility that cleaning your air conditioning unit is not an easy task. If so, get in contact with an Tampa ac repair and maintenance technician to help clean your air conditioning system.

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Do This ‘One Thing’ and Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

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