Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fix Your AC Yourself
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Making AC Repair Easy: Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fix it Yourself

Thinking about Fixing it Yourself? Freeze!

Fixing your AC yourself seems like a cost savings, and because of this, many homeowners take it on themselves to “pop the hood” and look around. This is not advisable. Your AC unit requires advanced knowledge of the system and experimenting with it can end up costing you more in the long run. Your AC should never be a DIY project. Here’s why:

Your Warranty

Some units have a warranty that becomes void if it is not serviced by a certified technician. There is no reason to void a warranty on a unit that costs several thousand dollars. It’s not a wise investment of your time.

Your Safety

Like all things electrical, there is risk of shock if you don’t know what you’re touching. Most ACs run 220-240 volts of current. That level of electricity can kill you. Leave the service to someone who was trained in it.

Complex Diagnostics

Your air conditioning is a complex machine. It has hundreds of parts. How will you figure out which one is causing it not to work? Diagnostics require training.

Garage Parts

What AC parts do you have around your house? Even if you diagnose the problem correctly, you’ll need to order the parts from a supplier and they won’t get there the next day. If you call in an AC repairman, they often have the parts on hand. Doing so will save you time.

Refrigerant Handling

Maybe you figured out your refrigerant is low and maybe you got your hands on a way to buy some. But guess what’s the bummer? It requires special handling by a qualified person. The Clean Air Act outlines very clearly specific handling and maintenance instructions. Are you up for (and certified for) that?

Faster than You Think

Many people try to fix their unit because they think it will take a long time to get a technician out. The best AC company has repairmen on call around the clock. Trying to go it on your own won’t save you time but it will make you frustrated.

Multiple Issues

An AC repair person will service your issue and check the health of your system. If you fix only one problem on your own, you may have the system break down again soon, and when it does, it may cause larger problems.


AC technicians know what’s going on in the industry. If there’s a recall or an issue, they’ll know about it. They could save you a whole lot of time, money, and energy if there is.

YouTube is not a Certified Technician

The EPA requires all people handling refrigerant, including repair on items using it and disposal of it, to be certified. Taking care of an air conditioning system is a lot more complex than what a video can tell you. The system connects to ductwork, is electrical, and contains environmental hazards. This is not something that should be left up to the novice DIYer.

When your AC goes down, it’s tempting to check it out and attempt to fix it yourself. But there are really only two reasons to consider doing that — because you think AC repair will be costly and/or you think it will take a long time to get someone out.

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