Learn About the Freon Phase Out
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Freon has been the foundation for Air Conditioning Tampa Bay customers for years, needing only to be added if there is a leak on your air conditioning system. Times are changing, however, and when 2010 arrives, Freon equipment for residential application will be a thing of the past. Read below as we explain how the phasing out of Freon may affect your unit and your pocketbook.

As of January 1, 2010, residential Freon equipment will no longer be manufactured for air conditioning systems in both Tampa Bay and throughout the US. This has been pre-ordained since the Montreal Protocol was enacted in 1996. This agreement among many nations aims to decrease ozone-depleting refrigerants worldwide. Though residential Freon equipment will fall under jurisdiction by 2010, it will continue to affect other products until 2020.

No residential equipment that uses Freon as a cooling agent will be manufactured after the 2010 deadline. If you are considering purchasing a Freon-based unit, ask your air conditioning Tampa professional about other options.

Refrigerants like Freon not only hurt the environment, but they hurt the pocketbook as well. As the supply of Freon dwindles, expect to pay a premium for it.

In times of scarcity, a small leak can turn into a major problem quickly. If your system is in regular need of a charging, you more than likely have a leak. The leak may warrant service as minor as tightening a fitting or it may be more serious. Easy AC technicians carry state-of-the-art refrigerant detection devices and may be able to quickly spot and solve your HVAC problem. Call Easy AC for easy, 24 Hour Maintenance available to keep you cool and comfortable.

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