Top 4 Signs Your AC Needs to be Repaired
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Top 4 Signs Your AC Needs to be Repaired

Is your AC running a fever? Similar to congestion or a cough, your AC unit gives off warning signs, alerting you to its health. Sometimes these symptoms come at an inopportune time, for example: summer – a virtual flu season for AC systems.

Consider this article a symptom checker for your machine. Discover the top four signs your AC is in need of a checkup.

4. Failure to Turn On

This sign is possibly the worst and definitely the most apparent. Typically, if your unit fails to turn on (i.e. blow air), you’ve may have already experienced the symptoms that follow below.

If a system doesn’t kick in, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s lifeless; however, immediate action may be essential in rescuing the unit from the root of the problem.

Related Conditions:total breakdown or electrical issues.

3. Excessive Leaks or Moisture

Consider this issue akin to a runny nose. If you notice water or moisture near your unit, chances are your system needs a checkup. Failing to follow up on a leaky AC could not only mean damage of the unit, but areas of your home by leaving them vulnerable to mold or liquid damage.

Related Conditions: congested condensation line, clogged air filter, refrigerant leaks, and more.

2. Temperature and Airflow Inconsistencies

Is your AC a bit congested? Its vents, similar to nasal passages, can sometimes become blocked by debris. This issue can affect the overall temperature of your home due to lack of air flow.

Stopped up vents can pose a threat to your system, as well as your family as they can potentially spread harmful allergens and other agents throughout your home.

Related Conditions: obstructed vents or dirty air ducts.

1. Strange Noises or Odors

A good rule of thumb for faulty AC systems: if you can suddenly hear or smell your unit, there’s likely an issue. These unruly indicators are usually nothing to overlook -- and sometimes they’re too stubborn ignore anyway.

Like a cough that lingers for weeks, obvious noises or odors are typically indicative of a unit’s so-called last ditch effort in alerting you to a major problem.

Related Conditions: unlubricated parts, mold, or a total system failure.

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