What Do AC Companies Check During Spring Maintenance?
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What Do A/C Companies Check During Spring Maintenance?

It’s almost that time of year again when Florida begins to simmer like a pot on the stove. Before that happens, schedule your yearly A/C tune-up. Energy Star suggests using daylight savings time changes (in the fall and in the spring) as an indicator it’s time to service your system. (And while you’re doing that don’t forget the batteries in your smoke detector.)

We’re frequently asked, “What do you check?” and “How important is A/C maintenance?”.

It’s no different than a yearly physical for your body. Early detection (of problems) is always preferable to a surprise of the system failing.

Maintenance extends the life of your equipment, ensures its efficiency, and checks for potential problems. It takes about twenty minutes and gives you peace of mind that your equipment is working efficiently and safely.

Our techs follow a 16-point A/C tune-up checklist including these items:

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