What to Do Before Your AC Technician Arrives
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What to Do Before Your Technician Arrives for 24 Hour AC Repair in Tampa

Make the Job Quick & Easy with 24 Hour AC Repair in Tampa

Before your ac technician arrives, there are things you can do to be sure it goes as quick and easy as possible. Your technician needs to know a few details upon arrival, and having this information already handy will help smooth the ac repair process.

If you’ve called for 24 hour ac repair in Tampa, prep the space around your ac, jot down the specifics, and consider whether a replacement versus a repair might be worth the funds in the long run.

Help your technician by doing these things before your appointment:

Take Notes to Help Identify the Problem

Before your technician arrives, make a list of notes to help identify the problem. Did the unit stop working? Did it make a noise? Is there an odor? Is there a leak? Is it not receiving electricity? Is it not cooling properly? Answering questions like this before your 24 hour ac repair technician arrives will speed up the repair time.

Clear the Way for the Technician to Work

Your air conditioning unit is probably tucked away in a hidden corner of the home or amongst furniture or other items in your yard. Clear the path around the unit, so that your technician has plenty of room to move around and make the necessary repairs.

Check Your AC Unit’s Brand and Model

It’s important to identify the brand and model of an air conditioning unit to understand the schematics or skeleton of the machine. In order to properly repair an air conditioner, you will need to match parts with your specific unit.

Identify the Age of Your AC Unit

Before going through with a huge repair, it’s a good idea to check the age of your unit. An air conditioning unit that is +15 years old may be more efficiently replaced rather than repaired. You can sometimes estimate whether or not the cost of repairs will be worth it by comparing the age of the unit with the total cost to repair it.

Consider Investing in a Replacement AC

Would a replacement ac unit be worth the investment? If your unit is 10 year or older and the cost to repair it is pricey, then it could be a good time to consider replacing your ac unit. One general rule of thumb many ac repair technicians use to calculate whether it’s more cost efficient to repair or replace a unit is to multiply the repair cost by the age of the unit. If the cost of the repairs multiplied by the age of the unit (in years) exceeds $5,000, it’s reasonable to replace it.

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