Why Does My AC Need a Tune-Up?
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Why Does My AC Need a Tune-Up?

Scheduling yearly tune-ups and maintenance save you money and give you peace of mind.

Floridians love to crank up their AC at the first sign of perspiration. And once the temperature drops below 70 degrees, we crank up our heating without much thought about how the constant usage is affecting our heating and cooling system. Suddenly, we find our energy bill costs have gone through the roof and our system just isn’t running the way it used to.

Saving Money with Tune-Ups and Regular Maintenance

With the money invested in maintaining our constant comfort, we don’t think very much about what it really takes to make sure we get the most out of our heating and cooling system year-round. Much like purchasing a new car,buying a new AC unit really is a major investment. We take our cars in for oil changes and tune-ups, but for some reason we never seem to think to schedule the equivalent care for our heating and cooling systems.

Of course, some people are probably well aware that regular maintenance is a good idea but they’re reluctant to take on the additional cost. But what they miss is the simple fact that the money they spend on AC maintenance can save them even more money down the road.

Here’s how you can save money with regular maintenance and tune-ups:

What To Expect From Your AC Tune-Up

At Easy AC, we take the regular care and maintenance of your heating and cooling system seriously. Our 16 point checklist makes sure you always stay comfortable and get the best performance from your system, no matter what the weather’s like. Here’s what we check during your tune-up;

  1. Refrigerant pressures
  2. Condenser
  3. Outdoor fan motor
  4. Thermostat and system operation
  5. Compressor amp draw
  6. Outdoor fan motor amp draw
  7. Indoor motor amp draw
  8. Indoor fan motor
  9. Blower wheel
  10. Drain pan and line
  11. Drain pan safety switch
  12. Air handler
  13. Ductwork
  14. Indoor coil
  15. Electrical wiring for indoor and outdoor units
  16. Safety controls

You could also join the EZ Breezy Club.You’ll get a 10% discount on all repairs, 5% off any new unit or system, and priority services. Not to mention regular maintenance and care for your heating and cooling system. Click here to sign up.

So, if you’ve neglected your heating and cooling system and need to schedule your semi-annual tune-up, give us a call today. You’ll be happy you did.

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