Why Is An Air Conditioning Thermal Expansion Valve Important?
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why is my air conditioning thermal expansion valve important?

An AC system is made up of a wide range of components. Each one plays a crucial role, ensuring your system keeps your home as cool as possible while operating as efficiently as possible.

The odds are good you’re probably familiar with some of these components. However, there may be others you don’t know quite as much about - the thermal expansion valve being one of them.

That said, even if you don’t know what an air conditioner expansion valve is, that doesn’t mean it’s role isn’t important. The following points will help you better understand the value of this component, and why you should look for a system that has one when you decide to replace yours.

What is an Expansion Valve on an Air Conditioner?

Your AC cools your home thanks to refrigerant. Refrigerant absorbs heat, allowing cool air to be distributed into your home.

An AC expansion valve (more typically found in new high-efficiency units) controls the amount of refrigerant flowing through your system based on your cooling needs. If your cooling needs aren’t as great as they were yesterday, you won’t need as much refrigerant flowing through the system. Your thermal expansion valve ensures the proper amount is used.

Benefits of an AC Expansion Valve

Saving Money

Upgrading to a system with an AC expansion valve will save you money in the long run. That’s because using the proper amount of refrigerant optimizes your system’s overall efficiency. When your AC system is running as efficiently as possible, your energy bills will stay reasonable. Additionally, high efficiency prevents a system from becoming overburdened.

A system that uses too much energy will break down sooner than one that uses the proper amount. This means a low-efficiency system will not only lead to high energy bills but high AC repair bills as well. Eventually, you would also need to replace the system earlier than you would if it operated at a higher level of efficiency. Avoid these costs by adding an expansion valve to your current system (if possible), or replacing your current system entirely.

Enhanced Temperature Control

Having greater control over the amount of refrigerant flowing through a system gives you greater control over the temperature as well. Thus, if you’re the type of person who has very specific temperature preferences, an air conditioner expansion valve will help you achieve maximum comfort.

Protecting the Compressor

There are sometimes instances when too much refrigerant is sent to the compressor, which can lead to compressor damage.

This is much less likely to happen when your system has an expansion valve. Because it exerts control over the flow of refrigerant, it reduces the odds of too much refrigerant damaging the compressor - and saves you money. After all, your compressor is another essential component of your overall HVAC system. If it were to be damaged, you’d need to replace or repair it as soon as possible.


An expansion valve is designed to react to your home’s cooling needs. As a result, systems with expansion valves tend to maintain temperatures throughout homes more consistently than systems without them.

Reducing Environmental Impact

You already know an expansion valve will boost your HVAC system’s efficiency. This doesn’t merely guard against high utility bills. When your system uses less energy to cool your home, its environmental impact diminishes, which is worth keeping in mind if you’re looking for ways you can do your part to conserve energy.


Thermal expansion valves also tend to be very responsive. When you adjust your AC system’s temperature with the thermostat, the system will register the change fast, allowing you to get comfortable sooner rather than later.

Maintaining Proper Refrigerant Levels

Sometimes, refrigerant levels in an AC system will drop too low to meet your cooling needs. This could be a result of poor installation and/or a leak. If you suspect you have a leak, be sure to get in touch with Easy A/C right away. Don’t try to address the problem yourself. Refrigerant can be dangerous to your health if you don’t have the proper expertise and experience.

In the meantime, however, a leak is less likely to negatively affect your system’s performance if you have an expansion valve. While it’s still necessary to address the leak as soon as possible, because a valve helps to maintain proper refrigerant levels, the leak may have less of an impact on your comfort than it otherwise would.

Thermal Expansion Valves Boost Efficiency

The primary reason to upgrade to an AC system with a thermal expansion valve is improved efficiency. A system that operates efficiently will save you a lot of money over the years. If you’re thinking about making an upgrade, our team will gladly replace your current system with your new choice. We’ll also help you choose the right system if you’re not sure which is ideal for your home.

Along with using an air conditioner expansion valve, we recommend these tips for maximizing efficiency:

Schedule Inspections

A minor issue is less likely to result in poor efficiency if it’s identified and addressed early. That’s why we recommend scheduling regular AC inspections with our team.

Check for Air Leaks

When cleaning your home, check for any spots that may let warm air leak inside. Seal them accordingly.

Finally, if you’re interested in replacing your current system with one that’s equipped with an expansion valve, get in touch with Easy A/C, serving homeowners throughout the Tampa Bay area. Contact us online today for more information.

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