Why Your Window Unit Needs to be Replaced
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Why Your Window Unit Needs to be Replaced

Get Central Air Conditioning and Save Money on Electricity

Ready to lower your energy bills with central air conditioning? Here in the Sunshine State, a window unit costs you money and efficiency, not to mention comfort. No one likes to sit around sweaty, and it seems impossible to sleep in the heat without good, cool air circulation.

A workhorse of a unit and central air cools your space more efficiently and makes it more comfortable. Consider retiring your window unit, and move to installing central air because:

It’s (Probably) Outdated Anyway

Unless you have a brand new Energy Star-rated unit, you’re paying too much on your monthly bill. Converting to a new unit can save you about 10% right off the bat. Don’t invest the money in a new window unit, but invest it in a new central air system instead.

Window Units and Humidity

Not only is it hot three-quarters of the year in Florida, it’s also humid. Window units can do very little to help the humidity of your home, and in fact, they’re known to “sweat.” Humidity invites mold, and you certainly don’t need a unit that makes your home more humid. Central air is much more efficient at controlling humidity, thus helping you keep mold at bay. Central air also does a better job at filtering allergens and pollutants.

Problems with Seals

Even when properly installed, window unit seals are often not enough to keep the cold air in and the warm, humid air out. Many older bungalows in Florida have non-standard window sizes. This means the units never quite fit properly. Any amount of space can cause expensive leaks.

Even if you seal the window units perfectly, the sun and heat in our environment quickly lay waste to seals making them a constant area of upkeep for you. Who needs that?

Problems with Insulation

Most homes are not properly insulated. If that is true of yours, a window unit is costing you money. A well insulated home also includes windows with good seals. Conditions must be ideal for a window AC unit to run efficiently. Most homes have enough energy efficiency related problems, no reason to add more to them.

If You Need/Have More Than One…

While window units seem less expensive than central air, if you’re using more than one unit to cool your whole home, you’re not saving as much as you think. Window units are not designed to provide whole home cooling. They’re designed to cool small, well insulated areas like cooling a bedroom on a hot evening. They are not able to handle the need to cool the entire home nine months out of the year, around the clock. Multiple window units are inefficient, not a cost savings.

Finally, installing central air in your home in Florida is an investment in it raises the worth if you ever decide to sell. Window units are a liability here in Florida. Buyers see them and think inefficient cooling and high electric bills. For a state where most of us run our units 9 months out of the year, this doesn’t make a great first impression.

Ready to install a central air conditioning unit?

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