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Twice-yearly maintenance can keep your unit running smoothly and add years to its life.

In Florida, we push our AC systems hard. We run them for at least six months a year - and maybe a lot more than that. We expect them to keep our homes comfortable and dry, no matter what it's like outside.

When you think about it, that's a lot to ask. But with regular Tampa AC maintenance, there's no reason your system can't be up to the task. Because if you take care of your AC system now, it can take care of you for years to come.

Duct Cleaning

There's a lot of gunk that builds up in your ductwork. The hot, humid climate here in the Tampa Bay area makes it easy for mold or other unwanted biological organisms to start growing in there, especially if there's a gap or opening you don't know about. Plus, regular particulate matter (especially pollen, dust, and pet dander) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - like cooking odors, car exhaust, smoke or other outdoor air pollution - can also accumulate in your ducts over time, making your indoor air dirtier than you might realize.

Cleaning ductwork is an important part of maintaining your AC system, and we take it seriously. We'll cover and protect all your furniture, rugs, and other floor coverings before we do anything else. We inspect your system for asbestos - and if we find any, we can arrange for professional containment and removal. We'll vacuum and spot-brush all your ductwork, and thoroughly clean all system pieces, like fans, coils, humidifiers, and drain pans. If we find any gaps up there, we'll seal them tight, to boost your home's energy efficiency and to keep mold out. And naturally, we always follow NADCA and NAIMA standards for duct cleaning and handling of fiberglass materials.

Call Easy A/C today to schedule a thorough cleaning of your ductwork. And start breathing easier again.

Read this BEFORE you call anyone to clean your ductwork

Chances are good that your ductwork is structurally sound enough to withstand cleaning. But if you live in an older home, your ductwork might be too worn and fragile to clean properly. Some companies are counting on you not knowing the difference, hoping that after they clean your old and delicate ductwork, you'll hire them again to either repair leaks (that their cleaning may have even created) or install all new ducting.

At Easy A/C, we don't work that way. Our duct cleaning process starts with an inspection. We examine the current condition of your ductwork, and if we suspect that cleaning them might do more harm than good, we sit down with you to go over your options before we do anything else.

And even if you don't call Easy A/C, you should always hire a licensed professional to inspect your ducts before scheduling any work.

Time for a Tune-Up

The constant vibration of a working air conditioner can gradually nudge parts out of alignment. Before long, it's not running as efficiently as it should be. It might make funny noises. After a while, it may stop running altogether.

The best way to keep your air conditioner performing at its peak is by getting a regular tune-up twice a year. When you've got an Easy A/C technician looking at your unit every six months, it's easy to spot big problems while they're still small. The attention will help extend the life of your system, and over the long term, you'll spend less money to keep it running smoothly.

Of course, you won't have to wait years to realize benefits from a regular air conditioner maintenance routine. You'll notice a difference as soon as the next electric bill arrives – well-tuned AC units cost less to run on a daily basis, which means keeping your home cool and comfortable costs you less.

Our techs follow a 16-point checklist to make sure your unit gets the attention it requires, every time. That's because they know the best to avoid those dreaded midnight service calls is to make sure you never have to make one in the first place. So call Easy A/C today to schedule a tune-up.

Energy Inspections Keep Costs in Check

As we mentioned earlier, your air conditioner is a complex piece of technology that requires maintenance to reach peak performance. And when something's wrong, you'll feel it - both in the temperature of your home and in the bite of a larger-than-necessary energy bill.

The source of poor energy efficiency can be tricky to track down. It might be something the matter with your unit itself. Or maybe there's a leak in the ductwork. Or perhaps your windows aren't properly sealed. Or maybe it's something else entirely.

Luckily, our technicians are trained to solve this kind of mystery. They know right where to look, and they know just how to solve it - because they've already done it, so many times before. Call Easy A/C today for help in getting your energy bills back under control. And when you do, don't forget to ask about our free AC Life Expectancy Checkup service for systems over five years old.

Energy Savings Club

When you join the Energy Savings Club, your membership includes a 10% discount on all repairs, as well as 5% off any new unit or system. It also guarantees you priority service - which is worth its weight in gold when something breaks in the middle of the summer. Just click here to sign up.

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