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Peace of mind for just $169 per year

Ever heard the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Whoever said that didn’t know the first thing about air conditioner systems.

It takes work to make sure your air conditioner keeps performing at peak levels. Most people understand this - but just because they understand it, that doesn’t mean they want to actually pay for the regular maintenance it requires.

That’s why Easy /AC has the EZ Breezy Club. It’s an easy way for homeowners to keep costs down when it comes to ensuring consistent HVAC performance and maximizing energy efficiency.

When you join the EZ Breezy Club, your membership includes a 10% discount on all repairs, as well as 5% off any new unit or system. It also guarantees you priority service - which is worth its weight in gold when something breaks in the middle of the summer.

You’ll also be entitled to our semi-annual AC Tune-ups, during which we work through a 16-point checklist that includes checking and fine-tuning the following items

  1. Refrigerant pressures (if needed, we’ll add up to 2 lbs of PURON at no additional charge*);
  2. Condenser;
  3. Oil outdoor fan motor;
  4. Thermostat and system operation;
  5. Compressor amp draw;
  6. Outdoor fan motor amp draw;
  7. Indoor motor amp draw;
  8. Oil indoor fan motor
  9. Blower wheel;
  10. Drain pan and clean drain line;
  11. Drain pan safety switch;
  12. Air handler;
  13. Ductwork for contamination and leaks;
  14. Surface clean the indoor coil in place, if possible (if removal is required, this may be quoted separately);
  15. Electrical wiring indoor & outdoor units; and
  16. Safety controls.

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