3 Ways HVAC Technology Has Changed the Way We Live
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Innovations in HVAC technology have not only transformed the kind of products and services that industry professionals offer. They are also truly changing the way we live. Our homes are becoming ‘smart’ and more efficient, and homeowners are gaining more control over systems to personalize interior spaces.

Here’s how.

3 Ways HVAC Technology has Changed Our Lives

  1. Smart Thermostats Do the Work for You

  2. Smart Thermostats AC HVAC Technology

    Can you imagine how many times over the years you have had to adjust and re-adjust the thermostat? Prior to the new generation of products, many families would “crank” the thermostat up and down all the time during both hot and cool weather just to get comfortable.

    Now, new HVAC technologies like smart thermostats have sensors that can detect temperatures (and activity!) throughout the home on a room-by-room basis, making adjustments as needed, all on their own. The activity sensors are very valuable, particularly when you have certain rooms of your home that are not used often.

  3. Apps Allow You to Adjust Temps When You Are Away From Home

  4. hvac sensors can tell if ac needs repair hvac technology

    A few years ago, it would have seemed like a crazy concept that you could manage HVAC systems from work or when you are on the way home. But not now! The smartphone has changed many things about our lives, including how we control our HVAC systems.

    Certain smart thermostats have the ability to be remotely controlled by an app you install on your smartphone. The product app will not only allow you to adjust the temperature settings (say when you go away for the weekend and are heading back home) but also turn air conditioning or heating systems on or off. This is an efficient and cost-saving technology, particularly if you do a lot of traveling and don’t need your HVAC system running all the time. Automation is the future the homeownership.

  5. Sensors Are Making Homeowners More Proactive About Repair

  6. hvac sensors can tell if ac needs repair hvac technology

    Would you like to predict the future? Well, the latest innovation in HVAC technology (LifeWhere) is doing just that. With sensors in air conditioners, furnaces, and sump pumps, the ability to monitor your systems before disaster strikes is beginning to enter the marketplace.

    This new technology has the ability to predict utility failures before they happen. With predictive analytics, the technology is continually monitoring the HVAC system — and contacting service technicians before breakdowns occur. This is a real breakthrough for homeowners and helps families to be more proactive about minor repairs before major repairs are needed.

    From sending alerts when refrigerant in the compressor is low to other alerts that can tell if a sump pump is about to break (hopefully not during a heavy rainstorm!), this new HVAC technology is a huge step forward in controlling costs and helping to extend the lifetime of one of the most important systems in your home. This state-of-the-art product/service is brand new and just becoming available to homeowners in the U.S., but is bound to spread due to its unique value to homeowners.

    Are you excited yet? As technology continues to infuse many parts of our lives, homeowners will reap the benefits of innovative solutions for our home’s essential systems.

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