Autumn Air Checklist: Prepare Your Home and AC for the Fall
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Autumn Air Checklist: Prepare Your Home and AC for the Fall

It may not be sweater weather here in Florida, but that doesn't mean we can't long – or plan – for fall. It’s coming, however slowly. So why not prepare early and reap the benefits of pumpkin season while your neighbors catch up later? Check out our autumn checklist for the top ways to get ready for the best time of year in the south.

1. Reduce Allergens

Fall is a good time to check filters and ductwork for summer’s last loose ends. If you haven’t changed your filter in a while, now’s the time. While an Indian summer might make you feel like warmth is here to stay, there’s no need to prolong the season by carrying over its dust, mold, and other allergens. Consider a fall duct cleaning, as well, to ensure quality autumn air.

2. Consider Humidity

Humidity is a major issue for Florida homes in the summer. Autumn offers a much needed reprieve from the oppressive heat and moisture, which means your indoor air might feel a little dry. As cold season descends, arid cooling can make scratchy throats and itchy noses feel more irritated. Invest in a seasonal humidifier to enhance the air in your most-used rooms.

3. Plan for Leaves as Summer Goes

Clearing debris around the outside of your AC unit is as essential in the fall as it is during hurricane season. Close to the end of the season, keep an eye on the scores of dead leaves and branches that may build up and obstruct the outdoor fan motor. Semi-regular tune-ups can help safeguard these vulnerable parts, but making a point to check your own unit doesn’t hurt either.

4. Give Your AC a Rest

Consider turning your AC off more regularly. Smart thermostats offer an easy way to stay on top of the temperature as the occasional breeze blows through the bay area; they’ll adjust your AC use automatically. Make the most of the season by upgrading your AC technology and giving your AC some time off.

5. Prepare Your Heating System

Yes, Floridians typically enjoy a mild climate in the winter months, but don’t forget: temps can get as low as the 40s here. Now is the time to revisit your heating system before you need it. Heating repair and maintenance is best performed in the warmer months before small problems get worse with more frequent use.

Let our professionals prepare your home and AC for the fall air. Check out our EZ Breezy Club, and contact Easy AC today for more information on our low-cost AC tune-ups and Tampa AC repair.

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