Beat the Heat with 12 Easy AC Tips for Summertime
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Beat the Heat with 12 Easy AC Tips for Summertime

Dog Days have Returned, So Stay Cool

How do you stay cool when it’s so hot? We’ve made it to the hottest days of the year — dog days. A broken air conditioner could mean an instant nightmare this time of year.

What are some of the best ways to stay cool from the midsummer’s sun?

Flip on the Fans for Air Circulation

Try adding a fan to the rooms you spend the most time inside. If you’re near a computer for a period of time, use a small desk fan to keep it cool.

Close Curtains and Blinds

Start with a few simple fixes. Close the curtains and blinds to keep the heat from finding its way inside. Another option is to add woven screens or bamboo shades on to the outside of windows to keep the sunlight out of the room. Blocking light from the outside is the most effective way to immediately reduce the temperature inside.

Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

If no one is home for a large portion of the day, then consider investing in a programmable thermostat. You can reduce the amount of time you run your air conditioning daily by programming temperature controls to pre-set on a timer around your schedule at various hours throughout the day — like the morning, evening, and night.

Close off Vents in Spare Rooms

Do you have any spare rooms that no one uses? Then during the hottest months, consider shutting the vents and air conditioning ducts that cool these rooms. This allows more airflow to the rooms you do use and also saves on the cost it takes to lower the temperature with less area to cool.

Redress the Bed with Cotton Sheets

You need a fabric that won’t trap the heat, so redress the beds with cotton sheets. Stay cool by taking the focus off of the room temperature, and instead lowering you body temperature. Comfort is made easy with a good night’s sleep.

Turn Ceiling Fans on Counterclockwise

Did you know there’s a science to air circulation? If you’ve ever looked up at a ceiling fan, noticed the rarely touched switch on the side and wondered what it does, today’s your lucky day. The switch on the side of your ceiling fan actually changes the fan blade directional setting between clockwise and counterclockwise. So which way is right for cooling the room? Counterclockwise.

Add Awnings to Windows Exposed to Sunlight

Keep the heat out in the long term by adding awnings to your east and west-facing windows. Reducing each room’s exposure to sunlight and increasing shade from the outside are highly effective way to stay cool.

Ventilate at Night

To keep the air inside fresh and cool, try ventilating with fans at night. Strategically place fans in the rooms with stale or stuffy air, and open a window to let the air flow through. This keeps the indoor air crisp and clean while also keeping the temperature low in the heat of the summer.

Plant a Shade Tree

Although it might not be an immediate fix, planting a tree could just be the easiest way to stay cool (other than an AC, of course). Add a moderately sized tree or trees to the perimeter of your home and watch as your electricity bill drops with a natural shade source. Just be sure to keep the roots far from the foundation, and plant strategically on the east and west sides where the sun rises and sets.

Seal Air Conditioning Ducts

Are you losing cool air in the walls of your home? A good seasonal ac maintenance routine for summertime requires ac filter cleaning once a month, air conditioning duct cleaning, and sealing your ac ducts to prevent leaking vents.

Keep a Phone Number for 24 Hour AC Repair

Trouble never sleeps. Avoid the nightmare of waking up in a puddle of sweat with no fix by writing down the number to a 24 hour ac repair company for safekeeping. You never know when an old air conditioning will go. The only way to avoid the nightmare is to be prepared.

Having trouble keeping your home cool this summer?

If you need a more efficient ac unit replacement or air conditioning repair, we’re happy to help. Easy AC is ready to serve your call when in need of 24 hour ac repair in Tampa.

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