Comfort Made Easy: 6 Hacks for a Cozier Home
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Comfort Made Easy: 6 Hacks for a Cozier Home

Need Home Comfort Hacks for Any Time of Year?

Time to get comfortable! When the temperatures are extreme during summers or winters in Florida, use these hacks for a cozier home.

Winter Hacks for a Cozy Home

For those days out of the year when the temps drop and winds blow cold with a chill in Florida, try a few tips on creating a warm environment. Comfort is important in your home and creating a comfortable atmosphere quick and easy is the best of all.

Here are six hacks to make your home feel cozier:

Tealight Space Heaters

This cute little idea works for us in Florida because it rarely is so cold that we need extensive heating. We often just need something to take the chill off like a space heater or a cup of coffee that we can wrap our hands around. This hack combines the idea of both.

You’ll need a small rounded saucer or bowl, 5 tealights, a terra cotta flower pot with the same diameter as the bowl, a hammer, some brackets, and a few pillar candles. Learn how to put it all together here.

Bubble Wrap Insulation

This fun hack is much easier than installing any sort of window film and it works well for Floridians. Unlike up north where it’s cold for months at a time, our cold snaps are short lived.

It’s hardly worth sealing up your windows in plastic. Still, if your windows are older, and seals aren’t that great, this solution make home comfort easy. Cut the bubble wrap to the shape of your window and spray the window with water. Press the bubble wrap with bubbles facing out and you’re done.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Some haven’t even discovered that your ceiling fan is designed to spin clockwise and counterclockwise with the flip of a switch. Reversing your ceiling fan will blow the hot air, which rises to your ceiling, back down where you can feel and enjoy it.

Summer Hacks for a Comfortable Home

Summers can be uncomfortable in the Sunshine State so here are a few tips to feel more comfortable.

Ice Fan

Temps in Florida get hot and this hack certainly won’t cool down your whole home, but if you’re sitting in front of the TV and just want a little concentrated cool, focus a fan to blow over a bowl of ice. The extra cool air will feel refreshing.

Use Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans (found in your kitchen and bathrooms) draw hot air that rises from cooking or showering and removes it from the room.

Another idea to keep your rooms cooler is to use your microwave or grill more and your stove less during the hottest part of the day. Stoves give off a lot of heat plus grilling is fun, so commence the cooking outdoors.

Hacks are great for simple ways to be more comfortable but ultimately the best way to remain comfortable is having an AC system that runs efficiently. Ensuring it’s well maintained is the only way to know you’ll be able to count on it as temps heat up. Call Easy AC today at to schedule your maintenance check. We’re experts in home comfort made easy.

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