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Record Breaking Heat in Tampa

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The year 2016 has already proved to be a record-breaking year of heat — and the summer is just heating up! The hottest days of the year here in Tampa are just around the corner.

Don’t get caught without air conditioning this summer!

Time to write down the number for 24 hour ac repair in Tampa — it’s going to be a hot summer. The southwest United States experienced a heat wave with weather that rivaled records across the map. Not to mention, the hottest year on record (for the planet!) may very well be 2016. Just last year, temperature records were broken across the globe as the New York Times reported, “2015 Was Hottest Year in Historical Record, Scientists Say”.

There’s plenty reason to keep your line of defense in place against extreme temperature just in case your ac fails you this summer in Tampa.

What should you do when your ac breaks in the middle of the night?

Call a 24 hour emergency ac repair company in Tampa! Don’t let the blistering heat of the summertime ruin your sunshine. In a place like Florida, everyone can agree on one thing — we all love a sunny day. But without air conditioning, that sunny day can quickly turn into a muggy, sweaty mess of extreme heat and discomfort. It makes the outdoors and indoors unbearable to have no escape from rising temperatures.

Will a 24 hour ac repair company get my unit up and working again?

By contacting a 24 hour ac repair company in Tampa, you will get the chance to speak to an expert technician and find out what’s wrong with your unit. If we are able to perform air conditioning repairs, then your unit could be up and running again in no time. However, some air conditioning units may be too old to efficiently perform the necessary repairs to keep the unit operating at optimal performance.

How will I know whether to repair or replace my air conditioning unit?

After a trained air conditioning technician comes to examine your unit, he may find that the unit is broken beyond repair. An easy way to estimate whether you should repair or replace an air conditioning unit is by looking at the life expectancy vs the cost to repair.

Most air conditioning units are given a life expectancy of at least 10 years, while many air conditioning companies in Tampa will suggest that you replace a unit older than 15 years. This has to do with the total cost your unit takes to repair in comparison to the total cost it takes to replace the unit. You don’t want a problem unit that’s older than 15 years to constantly give you trouble. It’s not fun having to frequently call your air conditioning repair company in such a hot place as Florida.

Is your unit older than 10 years? Then it’s a good idea to write down the number for 24 hour ac repair in Tampa.

Don’t let a sunny day with a broken ac emergency ruin your summer. Call Easy AC to contact one of our emergency technicians for 24 hour ac repair in Tampa. Prevent a total ac breakdown by joining our EZ Breezy club — your membership includes a 10% discount on all repairs, as well as 5% off any new unit or system. It also guarantees you priority service - which is worth its weight in gold when something breaks in the middle of the summer.


2015 Was Hottest Year in Historical Record, Scientists Say

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