Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?
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Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Replacement?

Out with the Old, and in with the New AC Unit

Air conditioners are workhorses in Florida, and while you want an energy efficient system, replacing one before it’s time is not something any homeowner wants to do. But how do you know when is the right time to replace and whether the AC can make it through another season? The easiest way to answer that is by asking the following questions:

How Old is Your Unit?

Up north you might be able to get 15 years out of your air conditioner, but down here in the Sunshine State where it runs nearly continuously nine months out of the year, you’re probably more likely to get about 9-10 years out of a system. There’s no expiration date on the AC, so if it’s running well and well maintained, there’s no need to replace it unless you want to update to a more energy efficient, or smaller model.

Age matters not only because of wear but because of the industry’s improvement in energy efficiency in AC units. An old system may be using a lot more energy and costing you more each month in your electric bill than a newer model would. Consult with a licensed technician to understand the efficiency in your current model. The upgrade may be worth the expense.

Also if your system is around 10 years old and requires costly repairs, it’s probably time to look into a new one.

What’s its SEER Rating?

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating and every AC has one. It measures how much cooling the air conditioner does. Today, we look for at least 13. Most older systems are operating at half that, around 6. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient. If you’re under a 13 you may want to replace it. A more efficient system will lower your electric bill.

Do You Plan on Selling Your Home Soon?

Homebuyers are becoming more savvy when it comes to energy efficiency. Most know, and if they don’t their home inspector will point it out, that an older AC unit means they will have to purchase one in the short run. This causes them to either discount your asking price or decide to look elsewhere. Air conditioners are a major expense and not one that most home buyers want to take a risk on in the first year of ownership. Converting your old system to a new one will make it more attractive to homebuyers.

Is Your Comfort Affected?

If your AC is no longer cooling like it used to, and you need to call AC service technicians in several times a year, it’s probably time to make the investment in a newer model, one you can count on.

If you think it’s time to start looking at a new air conditioner, consult with someone you can trust to give you straight advice. Call the professionals at Easy A/C today. We’ll assess the efficiency of your system and give you an idea how much life it has left. If you’re ready for a replacement, we can help with that too.

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