Things to Consider Before Choosing an AC Unit
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Homes come in all different shapes and sizes and you will need a unit that is tailored to your specific needs. Here are some things to consider when purchasing your heat pump in Tampa:

Most air conditioners and heat pumps in Tampa use a refrigerant known as R-22. Emissions of this refrigerant into the earth’s atmosphere are known to be harmful to the ozone layer. The Clean Air Act of 1990 prohibits the production of HCFC-based air conditioners and heat pumps by 2010 and bans Freon-22 production by 2020. As Freon production reduces, its cost will increase, as we have already seen.

Consider Puron Refrigerant. This refrigerant is environmentally sound and won’t deplete the ozone layer. There are over 2,500,000 homes in the U.S. alone that are using Puron refrigerant and are enjoying enhanced comfort, more reliable products, money savings and environmentally sound operation all at once. You will also protect yourself from the potentially rising service costs associated with R-22 refrigerant.

Make sure you purchase a heat pump in Tampa that is durable. Your unit needs to be built tough inside and out. Look for things on the outside like:

Make sure you purchase a heat pump in Tampa that has a filter drier on the inside that removes moisture and debris from refrigerant to protect the compressor and help maintain performance. Look for a copper micro tube aluminum fin coil that provides corrosion resistance and heat transfer.

Easy AC can help you choose the best system for your home. At Easy AC we provide our customers with the latest technology and state of the art equipment.

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