Tips on Staying Cool This Summer in Florida
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Easy AC Tips on Staying Cool This Summer in the Sunshine State

Need some easy ac tips to stay cool this summer? Maintaining your ac is one thing, but who knew you could stay cool by planting a tree and cooking outdoors?

Here are a few easy ac tips to stay cool in the sunshine state:

Fire Up the Grill and Cook Outdoors!

Keep the heat out of your home by outsmarting the summertime. It’s time to cook outdoors, so light the grill and keep the high temperatures where they belong. The best time to fire up the grill is summer when the hot weather is the perfect compliment to a relaxing day of swimming in the pool, running through the sprinkler, or throwing the first bulls-eye in an epic water balloon fight. Let the heat work to your advantage, as you blend in with the summertime and assume the role of “grillmaster”.

Plant a Tree to Shade Your AC Unit

The amount of effort it takes to plant a tree in comparison to the benefit you get from it makes this one of the best easy ac tips to last a lifetime. If your ac unit is located along an outside wall that gets a lot of sun, then there is a likely possibility that you could save yourself a ton of money simply by planting a shade tree. The trick to this is keeping the tree far enough away from your home to keep the roots from pushing against the foundation.

Once the tree is planted, you can expect it to grow and shade your ac unit well enough to lower the cost of your energy bills. This works because the sun is not constantly beating down on the main source of cold air in your home.

When you leave your unit directly in the heat, this causes it to overwork to lower temperatures even more than if it was kept in a shaded area. Planting a shade tree next to your ac unit is one permanent way to lower energy costs and enjoy cool temperatures year round without sacrificing all the extra money each month to pay your electric bill.

Call Someone to Check Your Ductwork

Does it seem like your ac unit is always on but never completely cooling your home? There is a possibility that a clog or gap in ductwork could be the problem. Another symptom that the ductwork needs fixed is paying way too much in energy on your monthly bills. If your unit is constantly on but doesn’t seem to cool your home enough, then call an expert ac repair technician to come check or clean ductwork for you. It’s not uncommon for gaps or dirt and dust buildup to be the cause of your less-than-optimal air conditioning output.

Join an AC Repair Club & Become Preferred Customer

Did you know that staying cool throughout the year is as easy as joining an ac club? You never have to worry about your unit breaking down, because twice a year your scheduled routine tune-up includes everything you need to keep your unit operating at optimal performance. This not only helps you save on monthly energy costs through cleaning and repair, it also makes maintaining your unit and extending the life expectancy a breeze.

Worried about staying cool this summer? Use these easy ac tips.

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