Top 4 Ways to Storm Proof Your Air Conditioner
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Hurricane and Tropical Storm Preparation and AC Repair in Tampa

We have some of the most beautiful weather here in sunny Florida--most of the time. But there are occasions when we see some real damage from winds and rains, not to mention lightning.

While you can’t avoid bad storms in this state, there are things you can do to make sure the potential damage is minimized. Taking precautions before a large storm is preferable to repairing avoidable damage.

4 Ways to Stormproof Your Air Conditioner in Florida

  1. Cover Your AC Unit

  2. While we don’t advocate covering an AC for long periods of time because you’re inviting rust and mold if you do, we do favor covering it up before a large storm hits, such as a hurricane.

    Cover it with a waterproof tarp that is held in place by sandbags. This will keep debris and frightened animals out of the unit. This also provides some protection against hail, which we could see with tornadic activity.

    Once the storm has passed, remove your tarp. Leaving it on during humid conditions, especially if your electricity is out and the unit isn’t running, could invite mold and rust.

  3. Examine the Area for Hazards

  4. Again, precaution is the best medicine when it comes to safeguarding the functionality of your air conditioning unit. If you have advanced warning for a treacherous storm, look around your yard.

    • Remove anything like porch furniture that could become a projectile.
    • Clip plants and other growth that could become entangled in your unit or interfere with its air circulation.
    • Examine the health of your trees and those of your neighbors that could fall into your yard or near your AC. Dry and dead trees and limbs will be the first to come off in heavy winds.
  5. Install a Surge Protector

  6. We get a lot of lightning in the Tampa Bay area. A whole house surge protector can safeguard your electricals for a lot less money than replacing all, or most, of them. You can buy one at a home improvement or hardware store or contact your electric company as many have surge guarantees and protection plans.

  7. Have Your AC Unit Serviced

  8. Knowing how healthy your unit is before storm season heats up is smart. Issues like mold, rust, inefficiencies, and lack of air circulation can be exacerbated by storms. Stormproof your AC by calling out a reputable air conditioning technician to diagnose issues early before hurricane season.

    If you don’t have time for that, or you’re caught off-guard by a severe storm, consider asking a technician to check your system afterwards especially if you notice any inefficiencies in the way it’s now operating. Sometimes the unit itself is running fine but air ducts become disconnected or pierced in the storm (particularly those with air ducts under the homes and little protection from the outside as in old neighborhoods like Seminole Heights and Dunedin) and they no longer conduct the cool air as efficiently as they did prior to the storm.

Florida’s hurricane and spring storm season will be upon us shortly. Don’t put off a service call until later in the year. Check your AC now by contacting Easy AC today. We’ll make sure your system is in good working order.

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