10 Health & Wealth Benefits of Home Energy Efficiency
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10 Health & Wealth Benefits of Home Energy Efficiency

Home Comfort Energy Efficiency means More Happiness and Green Trees

What are some of the best reasons to make the switch to home energy efficiency? Comfort, happiness, more trees, and green for your wallet. Most people know there are a lot of reasons to consider improving your home’s energy efficiency.

They find, much to their amazement, not all of them are financial.

1. Save Money

The obvious benefit to improving your home’s energy efficiency will be felt in your wallet. The average US household spends $5,500 a year on energy (heating/cooling/electric usage). Upgrading to ENERGY STAR-rated appliances and LED lights will help you begin to shave that number down as much as 30%.

2. Create Jobs

With the average consumer embracing, or at least considering using energy-efficient products, new jobs are created. Industries are looking to address consumer needs and wants and innovation is spurred on as well.

3. Save Resources

The less limited resources you consume, the more are available for the future.

4. Decrease Pollution

With less energy usage, power plants can reduce their workload and greenhouse gases are reduced.

5. Reduce Dependence on Other Nations

The more you reduce your home’s energy consumption, the less energy you’ll use. If every homeowner was able to reduce the amount of energy used, our dependence on foreign energy sources would also be reduced. This could affect our nation’s security interests.

6. Increase Comfort

An energy-efficient home is a well insulated one. A well insulated home does a better job at increasing your comfort with less energy usage. You feel more comfortable and pay less on your energy bills. What’s better than feeling good and saving money?

7. Increase Convenience

When you make the switch to longer-lasting LED light bulbs, you not only reduce your energy usage (anywhere from ⅓ to 80% depending on your home), you reduce the amount of time you need to change the bulbs as well, which also in turn reduces waste.

8. Reduce Contaminants

Many of the energy efficient tactics we suggest at Easy A/C also improve the quality of air in your home. We suggest yearly duct checks and cleaning to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency. A dirty furnace, clogged ducts, and blocked filter reduce air flow, which make your AC system work harder. Routine maintenance not only eliminates the obstacles that keep it from working efficiently, it increases the air quality of your home, reducing allergens, mold, and bacteria.

9. Reduce Risk of Injury

Another cost-savings suggestion in reducing energy usage is to turn down the temperature on your water heater. Setting the temp to 130 degrees F not only lowers your energy costs but decreases the likelihood of getting scalded by water that is dangerously hot.

10. Enhance Your Home’s Value

The real estate market is already showing signs that homebuyers are concerned about energy costs. Upgrades like ENERGY STAR-rated appliances are noticed by potential homebuyers and can help homes sell faster and at a premium.

Making your home more energy efficient does require an initial investment, but some steps to energy efficiency are less costly than others. At Easy A/C we can help you save money in the long run by making sure your AC system is running as efficiently as possible. We can ensure your duct system is clean and your air quality is good.

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