Carrier Cooling Units Lead the Globe in Energy Efficiency
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Carrier Cooling Units Lead the Globe in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Learn How Carrier is Helping Reduce Energy Use and Add Efficiency

Many might not know it, but Carrier cares about the future of the planet. Heating and air conditioning companies have come to recognize the dilemma of using energy and the need for providing more efficient HVAC systems.

You can get energy efficiency with Carrier units.

Carrier leads at the forefront of heating and air conditioning systems technology, as it executes mass projects with environmentally-friendly developments throughout the continent of Africa. At Cape Town in South Africa, Carrier is currently building the V&A Waterfront Silo District that outperforms with a highly-efficient cooling solution or a relatively low quotient when dividing the amount of energy it uses by the amount of energy output.

Such a cooling system if at the forefront of technology. Carrier business development manager Jaco Smal explained, “By circulating seawater through heat exchangers, the system does not require cooling towers to reject heat into the atmosphere, rather, it rejects unwanted heat into the ocean. As a result, the system gains from the efficiencies associated with water cooling, and avoids the pitfall of water usage through evaporation in cooling towers.”

Carrier Capetown

Carrier Innovates with Energy Efficiency

What makes this Carrier cooling unit so great? The Carrier AquaEdge 23XRV chiller operates with non-ozone-depleting HFC-134 as a refrigerant and innovative, patented screw compressor technology featuring a tri-rotor. Smal explained, “As a result, it is able to precisely match building load and conserve energy, making it the world’s most efficient chiller in these conditions.”

This cooling plant by Carrier provides the cooling and heating solutions for four new developments found within the V&W Waterfront’s Silo District to accommodate 2,500 people working in the district daily. The total cost of the project is estimated at $177.6M and is expected to be completed in 2017.

Carrier Units Help Save on Energy

One of the most efficient air conditioning and heating names on the market is no doubt Carrier. With plenty of energy-efficient breakthroughs in HVAC technologies, it’s easy to save on the cost of operating your ac or furnace. With a leading name, your unit will likely possesses the most up-to-date technology found today. Carrier systems are known for efficiency, and provide the most efficient cooling and heating systems in the world. In addition, Carrier cooling units offer a wide range of budget options for those who hope to replace an old air conditioner at a reasonable price.

What are the Benefits of Going with Carrier?

Carrier systems are quiet, efficient and more environmentally-friendly than other leading brands. Units developed by Carrier use recycled carbon dioxide rather than synthetic refrigerants to cool your home. Not only this, but they are developed to provide more than just temperature control and also help maintain the proper humidity of the air, circulation, air quality, and ventilation throughout the home. There’s more to Carrier units than just temperature.

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