Cooling v. Heating Costs
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It is a rare day when air conditioning clients fire up their heaters. Still, even in a place named the Sunshine State, heat is sometimes necessary. Cold snaps occur even in Florida. Though heating systems are used infrequently here, it is still a good idea to understand yours – just in case you ever need to use it. Though the following information may differ based on the type of unit you have, typically the below statements hold true.

Here's some bad news for you Florida residents who view air conditioning as a vital indoor climate control device: the hotter it is outside, the harder your air conditioner works. Consider the number of warm days each year, and it is easy to get worried about mounting energy costs. Conversely, cooler temperatures are easier on the machinery of air conditioners and therefore heating your home may be less expensive.

The compressor motor alone generates heat – and that’s good news for your pocketbook. Combine this fact with increased efficiency of the unit and you will see that it is no difficult choice whether or not to turn that heat up.

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