Heat and Cool Efficiently
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You won't find an air conditioning customer who says he wants to save money by spending the summer without cool air. It shouldn’t cost a fortune to be easy and breezy all year long – and that's where the knowledge of how to heat and cool your residence efficiently becomes invaluable. Below, you will find some tips that can help you save energy – and some of the money in your wallet.

Maintain your equipment – It does not take much – monthly filter changes and a service call or two – but it can make a huge difference.
Take care of the duct system – That means have your ducts checked for leaks periodically, and consider re-vamping the design if it’s been around for decades. It may not be as efficient a system as it could be and could be costing you money.

Select a professional for installation and service – Even the best Energy Star appliance won't work well if its installed incorrectly. Never purchase a unit without first researching it – and ask a professional for help.

Choose equipment wisely – This point correlates directly with the one above. Enlist a professional who understands the newest energy-saving technology and the unique needs of your home. Too many units are installed by amateurs who have no idea whether a system is too large or too small for its intended use. Do not leave that costly decision up to chance.

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