How to Automate Your Home Air Conditioning System
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How to Automate Your Home Air Conditioning System

Get a Smart Home with HVAC Home Energy Efficiency

Don’t touch that dial! Does it feel like you’re constantly getting up to fix the temperature in the room? Then you need to automate your home air conditioning system.

Home automation makes your life easy after installation. Not only can you save money with a more energy efficient system provided by a programmable thermostat, you’ll also never have a problem maintaining the proper temperature without the need to ever leave your seat.

Curious how you can automate your home air conditioning system or heater?

Programmable Thermostat

You need an HVAC system that works with a programmable thermostat. Why? Because a programmable thermostat makes for a much more energy efficient home and can actually save you in the long run. This is because your thermostat works to adjust the cool air output to match the changes in outside temperature, and the unit is only working when it’s needed. If you have a problem with your air conditioner turning on or off all the time, you may be in need of a better programmable thermostat.

Total Home Automation Control

With such warm weather year round in Florida, you may want to consider total home automation. Total home automation is the ability to control the utilities and electronic devices of your home with a single remote that you can take with you anywhere you go.

The controls can be managed from an ipad, computer, mobile device, or stand-alone controller with the ADI Ocelot for HVAC units. It may be an expensive investment (although a smart one!), but what’s really cool about this item and others like it is that it offers the ability to automate your home air conditioning system as well as your heating system, indoor theater, garage doors, lights, security, swimming pool additions, and more. The ADI Ocelot provides infrared (IR) control over electronics for a smart home. It’s an intelligent and home energy efficient buy for those using HVAC units who prefer to save money while away but also like to come home to a cool house.

Mobile Device & Smartphone Remote Control

With total home automation, you can control the temperature of your home at a distance. Now you can shut down your air conditioning system and save big when no one’s home. Simply download and open the home automation app with your mobile device or smartphone for an easier and more convenient stretch in managing your home electronics and adjusting the air conditioning thermostat temperature from a distance. You don’t even need to leave your seat to secure a more comfortable home or save while you’re gone.

Automated Heating System for Cool Days

This also means that you can heat up individual rooms in your home before use. If your evening routine consists of TV time in the living room followed by a shower/bath and sleep, then with home automation, you can remain seated from your couch and program the bathroom then the bedroom to be warm just in time for your arrival. No need to exit the shower to a cold room and home with an automated heating system!

Need an air conditioning system that’s energy efficient?

We can help get you set up for a smart home. Give the home comfort and air conditioning experts a call, and contact Easy ACL for all your air conditioning installation, heating repair, and routine maintenance.


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