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Thinking about an AC Tune-Up in Tampa Bay? As Fall approaches in Florida, we are about to enjoy some of the most pleasant weather of the year. Many of us will be glad to have the extreme heat and humidity of Summer in Tampa Bay behind us. Your home's Air Conditioning System is no different – it has been running at full speed for hundreds of hours for the past several months. Your HVAC system needs a tune-up to ensure those hard hours of extended use have not damaged or weakened your cooling and heating system. Maintenance is crucial and should be considered.

When your air conditioning and heating system runs at full capacity with little rest time for extended periods, it causes stress on many components. Motors bearings may be weakened, coils may be clogged and dirty, or your refrigerant may be leaking or low. Left unchecked, these minor issues will raise your monthly energy bill and they will shorten the life of your AC system, requiring you to spend lots of money to replace it.

Now is the right time of year to have a professional tune up completed on your home's Air Conditioning and Heating system. A well done tune up will catch and fix small problems now, long before they cause your entire system to fail. An AC tune up will also make your system more efficient and lower your monthly energy bill.

Here are the 16 critical points that must be inspected in a professional Air Conditioning and Heating System Tune Up:

  1. Refrigerant pressures
  2. Condenser
  3. Oil outdoor fan motor
  4. Thermostat and system operation
  5. Compressor amp draw
  6. Outdoor fan motor amp draw
  7. Indoor motor amp draw
  8. Oil indoor fan motor
  9. Blower wheel
  10. Drain pan and clean drain line
  11. Drain pan safety switch
  12. Air handler
  13. Ductwork for contamination and leaks
  14. Surface clean indoor coil in place if possible (if impacted - quote separately
  15. Electrical wiring indoor & outdoor units
  16. Safety controls

At Easy AC, our Air Conditioning specialists perform these Tune-Ups at homes everywhere in Tampa Bay, from Lakeland to Pinellas to Manatee to Polk Counties.

Many people in Tampa Bay join the Easy AC Energy Savings Club. Members receive Semi-Annual A/C Tune Ups that address all 16 points above. Members also receive priority service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, plus discounts on HVAC repairs and installations.

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