5 Ways to Beat the Heat Without Overusing Your Unit
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Summer AC: 5 Ways to Beat the Heat Without Overusing Your Unit?

The word “summer” is almost arbitrary when used down south. Floridians know that the seasonal heat lingers long after the last sunset; and while homeowners across the country begin to give their ACs a break, citizens of the great transient state are still running theirs full blast. Ready to give your AC a rest without sacrificing comfort? Check out our five favorite ways to beat the heat without overusing your unit.

1. Consider Warm Appliances

All kinds of home appliances give off heat – from light bulbs to ovens. Consider their impact and minimize the use of these heat-producing gadgets during the hottest times of the day. Remember, less heat equals less cooling. When you do use “hot” appliances, know that where you use them matters too. Keep lamps and other electronics away from thermostat to avoid incorrect readings that may force your AC to work harder than necessary.

2. Keep the Air Moving

Ceiling fans alone may not produce cold air, but they definitely help circulate it – which offers a feeling of a frigid breeze against warm skin. To get the most out of your carefully crafted draft (and money spent on your utility bill), keep the air moving in occupied rooms only; fans won’t change the actual temperature of a room, just the sensation for the people in it.

3. Add a Dehumidifier to the Mix

Staying cool involves more than just the temp. Muggy Florida air can make your home feel warm even with the on AC high. Use a dehumidifier to enhance your central air so you can keep a comfortable breeze flowing through your dry house. Dehumidify your AC, as well. Keeping leaks in check will ensure your rooms stay crisp.

4. Change up Your Textiles

Update your day and evening textiles. Choose thicker curtains to block the sun from heating your home on bright afternoons. In addition, opt for lighter, more breathable options when it comes to bedding so your can make the most of your AC all night long.

5. Care for Your Air Conditioner

Ultimately, a well-maintained unit won’t need to work as hard to produce results. Meaning: you can still keep a room cool without cranking up the temp. Performance-robbing issues, such as clogged filters, can easily be resolved by with regular tune-ups.

After months of AC abuse, it’s time to give your unit the maintenance it needs. Check out our EZ Breezy Club, and contact Easy AC today for more information on our low-cost AC tune-ups and Tampa AC repair.

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