Top 4 Summer Energy Saving Tips
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Top 4 Summer Energy Saving Tips

“Sizzling summer energy savings” hardly sounds cool. That’s because most people don’t associate the season with energy efficiency; they’re too busy cranking up the AC to beat the heat. However, it’s still possible to build an ice-cold kingdom in a desert. The trick is in optimizing your home’s AC system. Want to learn more? Check these summer energy saving tips.

4. Seal the Cracks That Steal Cool Air

If your home has cracks, you’re sending dollars under the door. Treat every gap—between windows and doors—like you would a leak – find a way to plug it. Caulk can add extra insulation around window frames and more.

Add seals to door bottoms too – and not just the front door. In fact, all access points within your home can benefit. Consider your bedroom, for example. You likely keep the temperature lower for comfortable summer sleeping; however, you might be able to stand slightly warmer temperature settings if all that air weren’t escaping from one room to the next.

3. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Are you one of those people who leave the AC on all day just so your home can be cool enough when you return on a hot summer day? Not only is this a big eco no-no, but it’s a bad, money-wasting habit too.

Choose a smart thermostat that allows easy programming and control. Many models now offer remote management via a smartphone or other device. That way you can run your system just 30 minutes before you need it instead of hours on end.

2. Turn Off Lonely Ceiling Fans

Did you know ceiling fans don’t actually cool a room? Instead, they’re meant to help circulate air so that it feels chillier against your skin. Just like lights, you should shut off ceiling fans in unoccupied rooms. If they’re left on, then they’ll do nothing to affect the overall temperature of your house – but they will impact your electric bill.

1. Keep Up With AC Maintenance

At the start of the season, change your AC filters. Clogged or dirty filters hinder airflow. In addition, just like you would your car before a summer road trip, get a tune-up. Professional technicians can check for other factors that affect your unit’s performance such as coolant levels and dust inside the ductwork.

Your AC impacts power costs more than you think. Want an energy efficient machine that saves green? Check out our EZ Breezy Club that’ll help ensure your system will save energy this summer and all year, and contact Easy AC today for more information on affordable Tampa AC repair.

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