Thermostat Settings and Ceiling Fans
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This can be the biggest factor in your home's monthly energy bill. An easy and fast way to save money is this: during the warm season, raise your Air Conditioning Thermostat just a few degrees.

When you set the thermostat of your Air Conditioning system just one degree higher than 78 degrees, according to Progress Energy, you will reduce your cooling costs between 7 to 10%. That means raising your thermostat from 78 to 80 degrees will reduce your cooling bill by 14% to 20%!

Want to save even more on your Tampa Air Conditioning bill? Add and turn on your ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can give you the feeling that your room is 3 degrees lower than the actual thermostat setting.

So, turn your ceiling fan on and set your AC thermostat to 81 degrees. It is still going to feel like it is set at 78 degree and you will reduce your cooling bill from 21% to 30%! Those are real dollars that you can keep for yourself instead of giving them to the electric company.

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