7 Ways to Warm Up Your Home for the Holidays
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7 Ways to Warm Up Your Home for the Holidays

Home Comfort is Top Priority During the Winter Holiday Season

In Florida, there isn’t much use for a heater, even in the winter. This presents a challenge when the temperature drops, and you don’t even have a heating system to turn on. Make your home much cozier on cool days with these home comfort tips in mind.

You don’t necessarily need to crank up the heating system to stay warm during the winters in Florida. That’s because the farther you live south, the warmer the climate gets until you are pushing into the tropic zone. For the most part, it stays warm.

This also means you may be less prepared to keep your home warm for guests when the temperature turns cold during the winter holidays. It’s time to winterize your home.

Try these tips to warm up your home for the holidays:

Electric Blanket - You Need a Cozier Sleep

The easiest way to get rid of the problem is by focusing on your own individual temperature. There’s no need to heat the whole house when you’ll be sleeping in your bedroom the entire night. Instead, go with an electric blanket to keep your body temperature warm and toasty. If you don’t want to invest in a heater for every guest and every room, a heated blanket may be a wise choice.

Space Heater - You Need the Extra Heat.

If you’re cold all the time, you may want to invest in a heating system. Even if Florida is a notorious place to escape for the winter, you may still feel a chill when the wind blows. When you’re still browsing around for heating system installation, invest in space heaters for guest rooms to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the holidays.

Flannel Sheets & Fuzzy Throws - A Soft Touch.

Florida winters are unpredictable, and the truth is, it might not even get that cold. If the temperature does drop, however, you’re often caught off guard. The cheapest and easiest fix to save money on heating your home is keeping flannel sheets or fuzzy throw blankets on hand for when the chill sets in.

Rugs & Curtains - Welcoming and Warm.

Both rugs and curtains will help keep the heat inside your home. Rugs offer more comfort and warmth beneath your feet. In addition, a lot of the cold air creeps in through the windows, but curtains reduce this temperature variation by offering a source of insulation.

Fireplace & Candles - A Little Holiday Spirit.

A single tealight candle is surprisingly a huge source of heat, but a fireplace is sometimes all the warmth you need to heat an entire home. Did you know, you can boil water with just tealight candles? Amazing. You’d be surprised how much heat is released from even a small open flame. Before the days of electricity and modern heating systems, people got by with just a fireplace. In fact, there’s plenty of reasons to light a fire in the winter or just in time for the holidays — roasting chestnuts, sharing stories, and getting toasty by the fireplace.

For those who don’t have a fireplace, make your own DIY Clay Pot Heater using a candle and flower pot.

Hot Cocoa, Tea & Coffee - A Winter Specialty.

The winter mornings and evenings are especially cool. Try picking up your favorite hot tea, coffee, or a package of marshmallows for a delicious hot chocolate to warm you up.

Feast & Bake Cookies - Comfort Food.

What’s the biggest source of heat in a home without a heating system? The oven! If you need to warm up your home for the holidays, then this is the perfect opportunity for a day of cooking up a feast and baking cookies or desserts to heat the home.

Skip the winterizing tips for heating system installation.

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Warm Up Your Home for the Holidays

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