Identifying Common Home Heating Repair Problems
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Spotting Common Heater Problems Can Save You Hundreds on Heating Repair

Sooner or later we all end up dealing with heating repair problems, and therefore you should be aware of common heating issues.

If you own a home, you almost certainly will have to have to deal with heat repair problems at some point. This article will provide you with information on basic diagnostics for heating repair to help you gain a fair estimate to repair your system. It IS NOT meant to serve as a do-it-yourself repair guide. NEVER attempt to repair your heating unit yourself. Call a qualified professional like Easy A/C.

Not only are there potential hazards to your HVAC system should you attempt to repair it yourself, but you could also cause serious bodily injury if repairs are not done properly.

How to Check your Heating System with Ducts for Potential Problems

In a system based on electricity use, the first place you should check is the breaker box or fuse box. If you have a flipped breaker or blown fuse, the problem could be as simple as flipping the breaker back on or replacing the fuse.

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If doing this does not fix the problem or the breaker flips again, or the fuse blows at least you will have some valuable information to provide the contractor with.

If the problem is not solved at the breaker box, the next place to check would be the thermostat. Often times friends or family will change the settings on your thermostat without you knowing, potentially causing problems. If you do not notice any changes out of the norm, check the filters in your house.

Unless you have specialized electrostatic filters, this is an issue you can take care of yourself. As a general rule, air filters should be changed about once a month. Unless you have a specialized filter such as an electrostatic filter, this should be something you can do yourself. If the replacement of your filters still does not change the problem for the better, then it's time to call a professional!

How to Identify Your Heating and Cooling System

identify my heating system

Not all heating systems and cooling systems are the same. You first need to recognize the type of system you have so you can address the issues that it may have.

These come in 3 types: Heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers.
Heat pumps are becoming more popular these days. Most work outdoors, however there are a few that work indoors as well.

Furnaces are not very common in the state of Florida however telling one apart from a boiler may be a bit difficult. Most of the time they are located in strange places such as attics, crawl spaces or even the corner of the garage.

Keeping Your Cool With Heating Repair Service

The two primary causes of heating unit repair are a faulty installation and the other is bad maintenance.

If you have already had another company other then Easy A/C attempt to fix the problem, they may have not completed the task or inadvertently caused more or bigger problems!

Most times when you contractor is making your estimate he will ask you if you have checked the items above. Letting him know that you already have will reduce time, cost and allow the technician to focus on the unit itself.

The end result is a technician, like one from us here at Easy A/C that can address the problem quickly and accurately and get your system back up and running in a timely manner without a huge overwhelming cost to you.

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