6 Things to Consider When Replacing an HVAC System
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Things to Consider when Replacing a Heating System in Florida

Important Information about Replacing a Central Heating System

Are you about to repair or replace a new heating unit? In Florida, there are a few months out of the year where temperatures can drop with a chill by night. How will you stay warm?

The cold air tends to catch you off guard in a place like Florida. It’s time to install a new heating system to save you from the temperature drop. Get the insider’s guide with things you should consider before replacing a heating system in Florida.

  1. What’s Your Budget?

  2. Many Florida residents wonder if a heating system is worth it. Absolutely. A heating unit allows for Comfort Made Easy. The most important aspect about your home is how you feel when you’re inside it. There are two costs to consider before replacing a heating system, and that’s the initial cost of the unit and the long-term costs of operation. Some Carrier heating units are built for energy efficiency with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This makes long-term savings possible due to lower bills and costs to operate.

  3. The Size of the Area to be Heated

  4. You might hear the term “heat load” when discussing new heating installation with your HVAC technician. What is the heat load of your home? HVAC experts must consider the total space to be heated inside the home and how much energy will be needed to heat the area and maintain the appropriate temperature. Not all heating units operate within the same capacity. Smaller homes require less heat, as larger homes require more heat and bigger capabilities with heating systems.

  5. What Type of Energy?

  6. If you plan to install a furnace in your home, there are two available energy sources possible. Depending on what types of utilities your home includes, you can decide on either gas or electric furnaces (and sometimes both!). When replacing a heating system, an electric furnace may cost less, but your bill may be higher in the long-run. In contrast, a gas furnace may cost more up-front, but over time you can save the cost of operating a gas heating system. Another important factor to consider is that an electric system can last up to twice as long as a gas heating system.

  7. Checking for Air Duct Leakage

  8. One of the biggest concerns about your HVAC system is whether or not you’re operating at maximum efficiency. Believe it or not, your air ducts could be the most important factor in saving on your energy bills. You can lose lots of hot or cold air through gaps in the ducts and lack of insulation in the walls. Before you repair a heating system, request that your HVAC technician inspect the state of your air ducts to check for signs of possible leakage.

  9. Maintenance on Heating Systems

  10. Getting the most out of your heater relies on regular maintenance. If your furnace filter is dirty, then your heating system may not be operating at full capacity. It’s important to clean or replace your furnace filter every 4 to 12 weeks in order to achieve good indoor air quality and avoid dust and allergens inside the home. It’s also important that you clean the air exchanger within your HVAC system to avoid clogging and overworking the unit.

Ready to install a central heating system in the Tampa Bay area?

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Four Things to Check Before Installing a New Heating System

Things to Consider Before Installing a New Heating System

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