3 Steps to Keep Indoor Air Clean During Winter
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In the cold winter months your first response is to seal up the windows and fight the battle in an air tight environment. Doing this could negatively affect the quality of your indoor air because of the amount of time you, your family, and even pets are spending inside that same air.

This is why routine duct cleaning and air quality tests are important to have done at least once a year. If you are a member of our maintenance program then we've got you covered.

3 Indoor Air Quality Checkpoints for Winter

  1. Filtration - Low-efficiency filters, lack of a filter replacement program and improperly sized filters can allow particles and debris to flow into a home or building.
  2. Duct work contamination - It is estimated that about 90 percent of HVAC systems more than 10 years old will have some level of insulation deterioration. Over time, the insulation fibers are distributed and blown into occupied spaces every time the blower turns on.
  3. Dirty evaporator coil - Over time, evaporator coils become matted with dust and dirt. During cold months, the heated air can flow over the dirty coils and be distributed into your home's interior space.

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