5 Simple Ways to Limit Indoor Air Pollution
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how to reduce indoor air pollution

Do you know how to reduce indoor air pollution?

When most people think about air pollution, they think about factory smoke, car exhaust on the highway, and other similar industrial air invaders. But did you know you can have indoor air pollution in your home? It's actually very common, particularly in homes with older air conditioning systems.

What is Indoor Air Pollution?

Many things can pollute the air in your home. Some common sources of indoor air pollution are:

Also, airborne allergens, dust, pet dander, and pet fur can contribute to poor air quality in the home. Tackling these issues that can cause significant breathing problems — and even contribute to chronic and dangerous health conditions — will help you and your family breathe well and have the peace of mind that the air in your home is not harming you.

How to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

  1. Change Out Your Air Filters Every 1-3 Months
  2. If you have allergies, asthma, or fuzzy, adorable pets, it is best to change your AC filters every 30 days rather than every 90 days. Although changing them out is an easy task to forget, but it is SO important. It will not only keep your air cleaner, but it will prolong the life of your air conditioning unit too because it won’t have to work harder than it should.

  3. Get Your Ducts Cleaned
  4. Cleaning your air ducts is a great idea for many reasons. The hot, humid climate here in the Tampa Bay area is an attractive invitation for mold and other nasty biological organisms that can build up inside your ducts. Dust, debris, pet dander, pet hair, outdoor pollution including pesticides, and other unwanted elements can build up too. Professional duct cleaning makes a big impact in reducing indoor air pollution.

  5. Vacuum Your Vents Frequently
  6. Cleaning and vacuuming your AC vents is something you can pair up when changing out your air filters. Dust, pet fur, and debris can accumulate on the surface of the vents and at the entry of your ducts too. Taking just a minute or two to vacuum will help prolong the life of your air filters. People with pets that shed a lot can incorporate this small task when doing their weekly chores to minimize the buildup.

  7. Install New UV Filter Technology in Your HVAC
  8. By adding a UV air purification system, you can significantly reduce pathogens in the air that make you sick. New UV filter technology uses ultraviolet light to kill organisms paired with filters that trap dust to keep it from going into the rooms of your house. Did you know that hospitals use UV technology to kill superbugs and other organisms to keep their facilities clean? Now that’s an endorsement!

  9. Replace That Old Air Conditioner
  10. The units made today are “head and shoulders” above the HVAC units they used to make. Not only are they much more efficient, helping you to save a ton of money on your utility bills, but there are also some newer models with features that limit air pollution, such as allergy filtration, installed UV light bacteria-killing technology, and AC units that can help with ventilation.

    Knowing how to reduce indoor air pollution is essential for you and your family’s health. Having clean air inside your home should be a priority for every homeowner, and it is particularly important for households with young children, seniors, or anyone that has a compromised immune system or chronic respiratory issues.

    Dust and debris, mold, bacteria, and other indoor air pollutants can be harmful to your health — and even life-threatening in extreme circumstances.

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