Your Air Conditioner and a Healthy Home
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There's a certain something in the air ...

How can we make it go away?

In Florida, we spend a good chunk of the year living in air-conditioned comfort, sealed away from the heat and humidity outside. So it's easy to convince ourselves that the air we're breathing is clean - especially if we don't see or smell anything unusual.

But that's an illusion, and a potentially dangerous one at that. The truth is that unless you take precautions, the air inside your home could get dirty enough to actually make you sick.

Take mold, for example.

It's a well-known health hazard, and it can cause very serious illness in people who have a sensitivity to it. It thrives in hot and humid environments, and it considers condensation from A/C leaks - especially around window frames, door frames, electrical outlets and fireplaces - an open invitation to work its way into your home. Getting rid of mold or other biological growth once it's taken hold is always an expensive proposition, and there's never a guarantee it'll work.

But even if your home is cool and dry enough to keep most of the mold out, there are still other intruders to worry about.

Like your basic allergens, for example. Florida is notorious for 'em - pollen, dust mites, insects, you name it. If they get into your home, you'll breathe them in and pay the price.

Even small variations in the amount of moisture in your home's air can cause respiratory problems. Too much or too little moisture can irritate nasal passages, aggravate your asthma and even contribute to illness.

So what can we do about it?

At Easy A/C, we take your home's indoor air quality as seriously as we take icy cold temperatures in the dog days of August.

If you're concerned about the air quality of your home, we recommend having your ducts inspected, cleaned and sanitized. We also recommend having the filters on your central A/C unit cleaned - or if they're not HEPA filters, replaced altogether.

Naturally, we'd be happy to help with all of that. Just give us a call, and set up an appointment for a technician to come out and inspect your system.

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