Advantages of UV - C Light
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Better Air Quality in Tampa is a focal point at Easy AC. Throughout all of Tampa Bay, from Pinellas and Pasco to Brandon and Lakeland, we want our customers to have the healthiest living environment possible. You will be shocked to know that even the cleanest homes breed micro-organisms that live undetected within your air conditioning system. Common indoor pollutants include:

Fresh – Aire UV is the latest germicidal ultraviolet light product. This system penetrates the cell walls of micro-organisms present in your air conditioning system. By doing so, it causes cellular damage and prevents the cells from reproducing. This is the most effective method for preventing indoor air contaminates from spreading throughout your home.

Everyone knows the UV – A rays cause the skin to tan. We are aware that the UV – B rays cause the skin to burn. What most of us are not aware of is that the UV – C rays are filtered out by the atmosphere. When UV – C light is artificially created, it has an incredible germ killing ability that scientist have know about for over 100 years.

One of the great qualities about the Fresh – Aire UV System is that the air quality experts at Easy AC can install it into your existing air conditioning unit. Another quality you will find interesting is that the germicidal UV light system attacks and sterilizes micro – organisms on the cooling coils and surrounding areas or your air condition system. This will also save you energy and reduce the need for maintenance, saving you money.

For more information about having the Fresh – Aire UV System installed in your home, call Easy AC today. The trained professionals at Easy AC are ready to provide you with the best air quality in Tampa.

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