Air Conditioning Filter Facts
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Homeowners with air conditioning concerns often ask about filter care. As necessary AC implements, filters play a huge role in determining the air quality inside a residence. Understand the different types available as well as their unique requirements, and you'll be well on your way to ensuring your indoor air is easy and breezy..

Fiberglass disposable filters – As airborne particle catchers, these inexpensive filters incorporate coated fiberglass strands into their infastructure. Their main capability is to remove large particles such as hair, pet dander and bugs. For the removal of sub-micron particles (items too small to see with the human eye), there are up-graded filters available that will remove these tiny pests such as .... dust, mytes, pollen, mold spures, etc. The longer you leave that particular filter in use, the more gummed up the workings will become, until eventually it will be clogged with matter and deemed useless. It will also slow the airflow through your air conditioner causing potential failure.

Pleated disposable filters – The cute pleats are not just a fashion statement for air conditioning Winter Haven customers. They effectively trap dust and debris, but just like the fiberglass option, they should be checked often (monthly is a good bet) and replaced when necessary.

HEPPA (Hi-Efficiency-Particulate-Arrester) or HEPPA TYPE are among the best available filters. If you do not need extreme amounts of air purification assistance, you will likely be fine with the disposable options. The key is to make sure you check and replace them as needed. Help yourself out by marking your calendar each month; that should help keep you on track. Try to avoid the cheap fiberglass filters unless that is all your budget will allow. If so, change them regularly.

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