Do I Need a UV Filter for My Air Conditioner

Do I Need a UV Filter for My Air Conditioner

Some newer air conditioners offer the benefits of Ultra Violet (UV) filter technology. This technology includes a UV light and high-end filter to combat bacteria, allergens, and mold spores. The UV light kills the airborne irritants and the filter keeps them from entering the air in your home. For people with allergies and breathing problems, UV filters can provide some relief.

Another option for helping combat allergens and airborne irritants is installing a HEPA filter. However, not every HVAC system supports HEPA filters. If installing one on your system is not possible without restricting airflow, a UV light system is a good alternative.

Who is a Good Candidate for a UV Purification System?

While many newer homes already contain upgraded HVAC systems with a UV purification component, it may be worth installing on in your older home if you:

Unlike a room purifier, which cleans only where it’s placed, a UV purifying system cleans the air in every part of your house through the air conditioning system.

The Difference between a UV system and an Advanced Filter

UV lights kill mold spores, some airborne bacteria, and other pathogens, while the filters merely trap them. UV purification systems contain air filters and UV lights, because while the light kills the pollutants, a filter is still needed to trap them. Otherwise dead allergens are circulating in the air and interfering with air quality.

UV systems also act as a whole house ionizer, which helps with odors and staleness, such as those caused by mold and humidity.

Will it Make my System Less Energy Efficient?

A UV purification system takes less energy to run than a 40-watt bulb. It does not compromise your airflow, over exert your AC system, or require additional AC maintenance. Plus by killing existing mold spores and preventing their spread, your system may actually run more efficiently.

Installation of a UV System

A UV system will be installed by an HVAC company. There are UV bulbs for all size systems and your HVAC expert can advise you on what will work best for the size of your house and system.

Upkeep of the UV System

Homeowners should count on replacing UV bulbs every few years or so depending on the type of system and bulb. These bulbs can be quite costly. Expect to spend a couple hundred dollars on each.

If you’re unsure whether you should invest in a UV purifying system or want to know more about it, contact the AC repair professionals at Easy A/C at 813-COLDAIR.

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