Tampa Home and Office Air Quality Concerns
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Are you concerned about the indoor air quality of your home or office?

Easy AC has the answer for you. Our air cell systems are a "breakthrough" in air purifiers - designed to improve gases and odors up to 85% and microbial bacteria up to 99%. Our aggressive advanced oxidizers travel throughout the room aggressively attacking pollutants. Advanced oxidation plasma will be carried throughout the ducts and rooms in your home or business, destroying airborne and surface pollutants such as:

With this air quality improvement system installed in major US city schools, they have reported a 20% reduction in absenteeism. With the air system's ability to eliminate 97% of airborne mold, it has been approved by the US Military for mold protection in field hospitals. Studies in hospitals in the US and Internationally have reported a 99% reduction of Staph infections, also known as MRSA.

Easy AC is helping people throughout Tampa Bay, including Brandon, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Plant City and Clearwater, breath better, feel better and enjoy a higher quality of life.

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